who was billy the kids lawyer

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Who was Billy the Kid and what did he do?

Dec 02, 2003 · Billy the Kid gets a lawyer. Amid talk of posthumous DNA tests and a potential pardon, New Mexico’s governor has given his go-ahead for an attorney to represent the interests of Billy the Kid ...

What happened to Billy the Kid’s ex-boyfriend?

Aug 05, 2010 · Billy the Kid’s lawyers want their client dug up. Not content with digging up Billy the Kid's mother to settle a DNA identity debate, now local sheriffs and the …

How many people did Billy the Kid kill?

Jan 12, 2022 · Tunstall had Billy arrested and charged with theft; however, as a young bachelor himself, he understood the glint in teenager’s eyes. He was won over by the boy’s charm and decided to hire him as a cowboy and a gunman on the ranch he and his lawyer, Alexander McSween, owned. The Kid worked at the ranch for the entire winter.

What happened to Billy the Kid in Lincoln County?

So, the Kid escaped custody and eluded the law for the next two years. During the Kid’s time as an outlaw, Pat Garrett was elected Sheriff and sent after him. Once again, Billy the Kid ended up in custody. This time however, he was sentenced to hang for the death of Sheriff Brady. While in prison, the Kid escaped again—this time killing two guards in the process.

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There is no better example of this than Billy the Kid. His brief criminal career included theft and murder, leading to his subsequent death at the hands of Sheriff Pat Garrett. Billy cemented his legacy as New Mexico’s most infamous outlaw; however, the circumstances surrounding his life and death provide insight into the murky waters of being an outlaw in the American West.


Who was the lawyer of Billy the Kid?

Bill Richardson has given his go-ahead for an attorney to represent the interests of Billy the Kid. The lawyer, Bill Robins, will work for free — but it's not yet clear how big a role he'll play in efforts to identify the Old West outlaw's remains.Dec 2, 2003

Did Billy the Kid ever meet Wyatt Earp?

Billy the Kid Meets Wyatt Earp in Jerome, Arizona.

Was Brushy Bill Roberts really Billy the Kid?

Brushy Bill Roberts claimed he'd been born William Henry Roberts, in Buffalo Gap, Texas. Early in life, he adopted the nickname Billy the Kid. After he escaped from prison in 1881, he'd adopted the name Oliver P. Roberts, which he lived under for the rest of his life until his death in 1950.Dec 25, 2018

Who was Billy the Kid hiding with?

After his escape from death row, the Kid spent several months hiding out on the frontier and taking refuge with sympathetic locals in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. He neglected to keep a low profile, however, and it wasn't long before Sheriff Pat Garrett and two deputies rode into town.Jul 14, 2016

Did Billy the Kid know Doc Holliday?

Doc Holliday did not ride with Billy the Kid. Doc Holliday was a friend of the Earp brothers and was especially close to Wyatt Earp.

Was Doc Holliday as fast as they say?

Holliday's reputation — as a fast gun, a killer and as perhaps someone with a death wish — was probably more fearful than the man himself. He's believed to have killed fewer than a handful of men in his life.May 28, 2020

Was Billy the Kid fast with a gun?

According to Pat Garrett, Billy was “quick as a flash.” While a good shot, he said, Billy “was no better than the majority of men who are constantly handling and using six-shooters. . . .”

Where is Billy the Kid's grave?

Old Fort Sumner Cemetery and Chamber of Commerce, NMBilly the Kid / Place of burial

Why did Billy the Kid became an outlaw?

Barely escaping with his life, Billy became an outlaw and a fugitive. He stole horses and cattle until his arrest in 1880 for the killing of Sheriff Brady during the Lincoln County War. After being sentenced to death, he killed his two guards and escaped in 1881.Nov 20, 2017

How did Pat Garrett know Billy the Kid?

He and Garrett became acquainted while the latter was tending bar, and they formed a fast friendship–even allegedly earning the nicknames “Big Casino” (Pat Garrett) and “Little Casino” (Billy the Kid). Their drinking buddy relationship didn't flourish outside the rough-and-tumble oasis of a saloon.Mar 11, 2018

Did Billy the Kid ride with Pat Garrett?

Myth: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid were close friends. Fact: This is another exaggerated issue of the legend of Billy the Kid. To have a friend-turn-lawman shoot his old outlaw buddy makes a great plot for novels and movies. Pat Garrett and the Kid no doubt knew each other, but they were not close friends.

Who was Pete Maxwell?

Pete (Pedro) Maxwell, the oldest son of Lucien and Ana de la Luz (Beaubien) Maxwell, was born at Taos on April 27, 1848. His life was always lived in the shadow of his flamboyant father and his father's famous friends....Peter Menard Maxwell.Birth27 Apr 1848 Taos, Taos County, New Mexico, USAMemorial ID7400221 · View Source2 more rows

Where did Billy the Kid work?

Henry Hooker, one-time employer of Billy the Kid, at his Sierra Bonita Ranch in southeast Arizona. After leaving Antrim, McCarty traveled to southeastern Arizona Territory, where he worked as a ranch hand and gambled his wages in nearby gaming houses.

How tall was Billy the Kid?

outlaw. Height. 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) at age 17. Billy the Kid (born Henry McCarty; September 17 or November 23, 1859 – July 14, 1881), also known by the pseudonym William H. Bonney, was an outlaw and gunfighter of the American Old West, who killed eight men before he was shot and killed at the age of 21. He also fought in New Mexico 's Lincoln County ...

What is the only picture of Billy the Kid playing croquet?

A 4-by-6-inch (100 mm × 150 mm) ferrotype purchased at a memorabilia shop in Fresno, California in 2010 has been claimed to show McCarty and members of the Regulators playing croquet. If authentic, it is the only known photo of Billy the Kid and the Regulators together and the only image to feature their wives and female companions. Collector Robert G. McCubbin and outlaw historian John Boessenecker concluded in 2013 that the photograph does not show McCarty. Whitny Braun, a professor and researcher, located an advertisement for croquet sets sold at Chapman's General Store in Las Vegas, New Mexico, dated to June 1878. Kent Gibson, a forensic video and still image expert, offered the services of his facial recognition software, and stated that McCarty is indeed one of the individuals in the image.

Who killed Joe Grant?

The Santa Fe Weekly New Mexican reported, "Billy Bonney, more extensively known as 'the Kid,' shot and killed Joe Grant.

How old was McCarty when his mother died?

McCarty was 15 years old when his mother died. Sarah Brown, the owner of a boarding house, gave him room and board in exchange for work. On September 16, 1875, McCarty was caught stealing food. Ten days later, McCarty and George Schaefer robbed a Chinese laundry, stealing clothing and two pistols.

Where was Henry McCarty born?

Henry McCarty was born to parents of Irish Catholic ancestry, Catherine ( née Devine) and Patrick McCarty, in New York City. While his birth year has been confirmed as 1859, the exact date of his birth has been disputed as either September 17 or November 23 of that year.

Who killed Morris Bernstein?

All four were indicted for the murder, despite conflicting evidence that Bernstein had been killed by Constable Atanacio Martinez.

Who is Billy the Kid?

Billy the Kid has long been one of the many names associated with the Wild West, alongside the Bob Dalton Gang, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cole Younger, Jesse James, and more. What you may not know is that the long dead Kid may be up for a pardon from current New Mexico governor Bill Richardson. So, why is the notorious Billy the Kid up ...

Who killed Billy the Kid?

Billy the Kid. On the night of July 14, 1881, Sheriff Pat Garrett gunned down outlaw Billy the Kid in Fort Sumner. Garrett had recently caught the Kid, who was sentenced to hanging for killing another Sheriff, but Billy managed to escape. Garrett became involved again when he heard a tip that the Kid was hiding out in the Fort.

Why did Bill Richardson not pardon Billy the Kid?

What prompted this last minute decision? On ABC’s, “Good Morning America” Friday, Richardson explained that the evidence of the case simply did not warrant a pardon. He stated that he decided against the pardon, “because of a lack of conclusiveness and the historical ambiguity as to why Gov. Wallace reneged on his promise.”

Where did Billy the Kid come from?

Billy the Kid—born William Henry McCarty, but also known as William H. Bonney—originally came from New York. While still young, his family relocated to New Mexico. Unfortunately, by the time the Kid was fifteen years old his mother had passed away from tuberculosis.

Where is the Kid buried?

Some believe that the Kid lived on as “Brushy Bill” Roberts, but others believe that the Kid was in fact buried the next day in the Fort Sumner cemetery. At some point, due to the debate, there had been a movement to have the supposed bodies of the Kid and his mother exhumed for DNA testing .

Who is Pat Garrett's grandson?

Sheriff Pat Garrett’s grandson, J.P. Garrett, argues that Richardson should have assigned an impartial historian to aid in the case, and believes that McGinn’s involvement may be a conflict of interest. Richardson appointed Charles Daniels to the state Supreme Court, whom McGinn is married to.

Did Billy the Kid get pardoned?

Billy the Kid was up for a posthumous pardon for the murder for which he was to be hanged. Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, declined to follow through with that pardon. Does Billy the Kid Deserve the Pardon He was Promised? August 10th, 2010.

Where was Billy the Kid born?

He adopted many aliases during his brief life. Billy was born in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan in 1859 or 1860. Hell’s Kitchen was an Irish slum at a time when discrimination towards people of Irish descent was common.

Who wanted Billy dead?

Though the powerful men who wanted Billy dead celebrated the news, Pat Garrett received scorn from the local population rather than accolades. After Henry’s death, both Pat Garrett and Lew Wallace had tried to capitalize on their role in his death. Both men wrote sensationalized accounts of Henry’s life and death. They accused him of countless crimes that he didn’t commit and exaggerated their roles in bringing him “to justice.” Henry was portrayed as a sadistic killer, a rapist, and a demon. It was good fodder for national and international newspapers, but New Mexico citizens recognized the lies. They knew the character of the men involved.

What is Billy's legacy?

Billy cemented his legacy as New Mexico’s most infamous outlaw; however, the circumstances surrounding his life and death provide insight into the murky waters of being an outlaw in the American West.

How many people died in the Battle of Lincoln?

The Battle of Lincoln ended the Lincoln County War, though there were related skirmishes through 1881, culminating in the death of Henry and the remaining Regulators at Fort Sumner in July, 1881. At least 19 people were killed during the altercations in 1878.

Who killed Chapman?

The courts filed more than 200 criminal indictments against Dolan and 50 of his men, including Campbell in April, 1879. The charges encompassed the murders of Tunstall, McSween, and Huston. Many of the men indicted took advantage of the governor’s offer of amnesty. Billy testified that Dolan and Campbell had killed Chapman. The court, with Judge Bristol presiding and Rynerson representing those charged, suppressed physical evidence and eyewitness testimony, securing acquittals for everyone involved. Bristol and Rynerson were supposed to release Henry after the trial, but Rynerson refused to do so.

What was the New Mexico Territory like in the late 1800s?

The New Mexico Territory, which encompassed Arizona, was an unruly, violent, sparsely populated place in the late 1800s. Author Michael Wallis noted that, “the homicide rate in the New Mexico Territory was 47 times higher than the national average, with gunshot wounds as the leading cause of death.” The region was responsible for “at least 15% of all murders in the nation. ” Men, traumatized and hardened by the Civil War, migrated west. Shooting someone based on an argument was not unusual. It was in this environment that Henry Antrim came of age.

Who was the sheriff of Lincoln in 1880?

The citizens of Lincoln elected Pat Garrett as sheriff in November, 1880. Though he ran on an anti-corruption platform, he fully supported the interests of the Santa Fe Ring. On December 15, 1880, Governor Wallace put a $500 reward on Billy the Kid’s head and Garrett became the most persistent bounty hunter.


Young William Bonney inspires the faith and friendship of Pat Garrett, despite Bonney's violent past. Garrett believes that Billy can make a better life for himself, a sentiment shared by rancher John Tunstall, who befriends Billy and gives him a job.

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William Bonny who died at age 21 being played by a man who was 30 is bothersome, especially in the first part when Billy the Kid was a teenager working on a ranch where he kills a man.

Who was in the picture of Billy the Kid?

2, 1880. A forensic video expert in Los Angeles used facial recognition software on the image, which indicated that Garrett and Billy the Kid were both in the picture.

Where was Billy the Kid taken?

A portrait of Billy the Kid taken in Fort Sumner, in 1880, sold for $2.3 million in 2011. In that photo, Billy the Kid is packing a Colt revolver and 1873 Winchester Carbine rifle. Abrams thinks that his group photo shows Billy, Garrett and their companions enjoying themselves.

Who is Pat Garrett's friend?

The tintype photograph of Pat Garrett's friend Ash Upson (Frank Abrams) However, a National Geographic documentary in 2015 about the discovery of another photo showing Billy the Kid playing croquet prompted Abrams to take a closer look at his own photo.

Who is Ash Upson?

Abrams thinks that set of pictures once belonged to Pat Garrett’s friend Marshall Ashmun Upson, better known as Ash Upson. The journalist and author was the ghostwriter of Garrett’s book “The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid.”. Another photo, for example, shows Upson on a horse - “ASH” is written on the back of the photo in handwriting identified as ...



Billy the Kid (born Henry McCarty; September 17 or November 23, 1859 – July 14, 1881), also known by the pseudonym William H. Bonney, was an outlaw and gunfighter of the American Old West, who killed eight men before he was shot and killed at the age of 21. He also fought in New Mexico's Lincoln County War, during which he allegedly committed three murders.

Early life

Henry McCarty was born to parents of Irish Catholic ancestry, Catherine (née Devine) and Patrick McCarty, in New York City. A theory suggests that he was born on September 17, 1859, in New York City. He was baptized "Patrick Henry McCarthy" at the Church of St. Peter on September 28, 1859. While his birth year has been confirmed as 1859, the exact date of his birth has been disputed as …

Lincoln County War

After returning to New Mexico, McCarty worked as a cowboy for English businessman and rancher John Henry Tunstall (1853–1878), near the Rio Felix, a tributary of the Rio Grande, in Lincoln County. Tunstall and his business partner and lawyer Alexander McSween were opponents of an alliance formed by Irish-American businessmen Lawrence Murphy, James Dolan, and John Riley. The th…


McCarty and three other survivors of the Battle of Lincoln were near the Mescalero Indian Agency when the agency bookkeeper, Morris Bernstein, was murdered on August 5, 1878. All four were indicted for the murder, despite conflicting evidence that Bernstein had been killed by Constable Atanacio Martinez. All of the indictments, except McCarty's, were later quashed.

Rumors of survival

Over time, legends grew claiming that McCarty was not killed, and that Garrett staged the incident and death out of friendship so that McCarty could evade the law. During the next 50 years, a number of men claimed they were Billy the Kid. Most of these claims were easily disproven, but two have remained topics of discussion and debate.
In 1948, a central Texas man, Ollie P. Roberts, also known as Brushy Bill Roberts, began claimin…


As of 2021 , only one authenticated photograph showing Billy exists; others thought to depict him are disputed.
One of the few remaining artifacts of McCarty's life is a 2-by-3-inch (5.1-by-7.6-centimeter) ferrotypephotograph of McCarty by an unknown portrait photographer in late 1879 or early 1880. The image shows McCarty wearing a …

Posthumous pardon request

In 2010, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson turned down a request for a posthumous pardon of McCarty for the murder of Sheriff William Brady. The pardon considered was to fulfill Governor Lew Wallace's 1879 promise to Bonney. Richardson's decision, citing "historical ambiguity," was announced on December 31, 2010, his last day in office.

Grave markers

In 1931, Charles W. Foor, an unofficial tour guide at Fort Sumner Cemetery, campaigned to raise funds for a permanent marker for the graves of McCarty, O'Folliard, and Bowdre. As a result of his efforts, a stone memorial marked with the names of the three men and their death dates beneath the word "Pals" was erected in the center of the burial area.