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What is it like to practice law at the highest levels?

8a-7p 3 days a week, 9-6 2 days a week. On weekends I don't "work" but catch up on chores. level 1. · 5 yr. ago. 8:30-6:30 M-F. Occasionally 2-4 hours on Saturday. So basically 50 hours a week, sometimes a little more than that. level 1. · 5 yr. ago. All of them.

How to become a successful lawyer?

45-50 hours per week at a mid size law firm. 8. level 1. · 4 yr. ago. Big Law tax. It's very inconsistent and unpredictable. I stop working many nights around 7 (which is really nice), but when I work beyond 7 it's typically significantly later than 7. The range is around 50 to 80.

What is the average number of billable hours for a firm?

The firm requires 1,950 hours per year (about 160 hours per month). I have never dealt with billable hours before. This is my 3rd week and I'm only billing 4-6 hours because the holidays (partners are on vacation) and I don't think I'm effectively billing everything. Today I felt like I worked nonstop all day and only got 6 hours.

Is it bad to work at a law firm?

Typical week is 60-70 hours, which translates to about 80-90 hours spent in front of a computer. You’re on pace to bill over 3000 hours? I’ve worked anywhere from 30-90 hours in a week (litigation). My friends in finance seem to be consistently at 50-70. I’m on …


Junior lawyer blues

Does anyone else junior feel hopeless? Sorry for treating this as my diary, but I don't really have any lawyer friends who else - or who show they relate.

My brother is a BigLaw associate and he's stressed out all the time. Anything I can do to make life easier for him?

Title pretty explanatory. My brother is an associate at a BigLaw firm and my life is a lot more chill. We live together and have been since the pandemic. I understand the nature of his job and how difficult it can be to keep up with that kind of workload.

Help with new associate defeat

I'm a new associate at a mid size firm. I'm can't help but to feel like imposter syndrome is in full effect. Just recently, I was sent an assignment and I searched for hours for case law on point. I found something close, but not the best case. I sent the write up to the partner and went about my way.


Robinhood has blocked off buying certain stocks (GME, AMC, NOK, etc) yet they are allowing people to sell. This has caused a lot of to loose money. Would a class action for manipulating the market have any chance of making people close to the money we lost?

Advice for new Tennessee attorney

Hello. I am a newly licensed Tennessee attorney and I essentially have no connections and expect that my job hunt will take some time. I would like to start becoming competent in the meantime. Are there any TN lawyers out there who might have some advice.

What are the chances that the November 2021 Bar will be postponed again given the current situation?

What are the chances that the November 2021 Bar will be postponed again given the current situation?

Just got an email today that my appeal was approved

For those studying in ALS and is waiting for an appeal, tiwala lang. Tip - the biggest factor in granting my appeal was computational error and not manifest oversight. Good luck!

Tip to all incoming law students

Please change your facebook names to your given names. Some class representatives are tasked to create group chats of your subjects for easier information dissemination. Huwag ka magulat kung ang pangalan mo ay naka Korean character at di ka na add sa gc, worse huwag mo sisihin rep nyo kung may namiss ka.

San Beda Law or UST law

Incoming freshman here. Enrollment na and hind pa ako makapag-decide kung saan mag-e-enroll. Ang hirap po mag-decide. 😣

How to study for review classes (send help!)

Incoming 4th year here (pinagpalad!). Just wanted to ask for tips from our ates and kuyas who have already graduated from law school.

How do law firms make money?

In order to be profitable to your firm, you must make enough money from your billable hours not only to cover your salary and your overhead, but also to generate revenue for the firm. It’s not a complicated equation – the more hours you bill, the more revenue for the firm.

What time do you work on a half hour commute?

With a half hour commute (to your desk and working) you are “working” from 7:30 am to 6:50 pm With a one hour commute you are “working” from 7:00 am to 7:20 pm, Monday - Friday