what type of lawyer do i need to sue a moving company for breach of contract in miami?

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What kind of lawyer do I need to sue a moving company?

You can retain an attorney who specializes in contracts as the moving company breached its contract by losing things and damaging things as well. It is also a tort against your personal property as well. So, you can get a tort attorney as well. * This will flag comments for moderators to take action. You need a civil litigator.

Can I sue a moving company for breach of contract?

You can retain an attorney who specializes in contracts as the moving company breached its contract by losing things and damaging things as well. It is also a tort against your personal property as well.

What kind of lawyer do I need to sue a contractor?

What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need to Sue a Contractor? The moment you sign a contract with someone, you are in fact entering into a business agreement with them. Thus, the most common type of lawyer used to sue a contractor is a business law attorney.

Can a moving company be liable for a state law claim?

Unfortunately, even this amendment limits the liability of the moving company to actual damages, and may also prevent state law claims such as those concerning negligence, breach of contract, fraud, and misrepresentation. Should I Consult with a Lawyer for an Issue with a Moving Company?

How do I file a complaint against a moving company in Florida?

You may file a complaint against a mover or moving company with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services online at www.800helpfla.com or by phone at 1-800-HELP-FLA.

How do I get my money back from a moving company?

File a complaint against a mover with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)After filing a complaint against a moving company, BBB sends the record to the company within two days.Next, the mover will be requested to reply within a 14-day period.More items...

Can I dispute a charge from a moving company?

If a problem arises with your household goods carrier (mover), you should first attempt to work out an agreement to resolve the dispute. But if you and the mover are not able to agree, you have two options: Seek an arbitration hearing; or. Initiate legal action against your mover.

How do I file a breach of lawsuit in Florida?

Proving Breach of Contract For you to be able to sue the breaching party in Florida, you must be able to prove that there was a valid contract and a material breach of the agreement. A minor violation generally does not qualify for a lawsuit. You will need to show: Proof that a legally binding contract exists.

What can I do if I was scammed by a mover?

Report Fraud Consumers seeking to file a complaint against a household goods moving company, broker or other carrier may contact FMCSA's National Consumer Complaint Database online or toll-free at: 1-888-368-7238.

Is it common for moving companies to steal your stuff?

The most common scam in the moving industry is to hold your belongings “hostage” for additional payment. Although you've agreed to a contract for a specific amount, the mover demands hundreds or thousands more to release your item. Thousands of complaints get lodged against moving companies each year for this tactic.

What do you do when a moving company loses your stuff?

Steps to Take When a Mover Loses Something of YoursStep one: Double check. ... Step two: Gather details about the item. ... Step three: File a claim with the moving company. ... Step four: Check with your renter's insurance. ... Step five: Arbitrate, if necessary.

How do I prove a breach of contract in Florida?

Under Florida law, the elements of a breach of contract claim are (1) a valid contract, (2) a material breach of that contract, and (3) damages. A material breach occurs only when an injured party has sustained a substantial injury due to the breach.

How do I sue for breach of contract?

To sue for breach of contract, you must be able to show: Prove that there was a contract in existence – It would need to be proven that a legally binding contract was in place and that it had been breached.

How much does it cost to file a civil suit in Florida?

Certified mail to defendants residing in the State of Florida only for a fee of $7.33 per defendant....County Civil (Small Claims) Fees.ItemFee AmountSmall claims less than $100.00$55.00Small claims $100 to $500.00$80.00Small claims $500.01 to $2500.00$175.0019 more rows

What to do if you cannot agree to a move?

If you and the moving company cannot come to an agreement on your own, you may seek an arbitration hearing or initiate legal action against your mover. You may be able to sue the moving company after filing a claim with the company itself.

Why is it important to review a moving contract before signing?

Thus, it is imperative to thoroughly review the contract before signing it, in order to identify any dispute resolution options that may be available to you.

What happens when a moving company offers a lower rate than standard?

Once the customer has agreed to the rate, the moving company may inflate the costs and refuse to deliver the belongings until the customer pays the higher price.

How much insurance do moving companies need?

However, their liability covers cents on the dollar. Coverage usually works out to between $1,200 and $9,000 worth of protection. Some states do not hold moving companies liable for anything they do not pack themselves.

Can a moving company charge for extortion?

They may tell the customer that they must pay an additional charge in order to have their belongings unloaded from the moving truck. This is illegal, and may justify a claim for extortion in most states. A moving company may add charges if the customer was not honest.

Do real estate agents know about moving companies?

Additionally, if you are working with a real estate agent, they may know of some reputable professional moving companies you can contact. It is important to work with people who have a good reputation in order to protect your belongings and have them delivered in a safe and timely manner;

Does a moving company have to cover loss of wages?

The court may require the moving company to cover loss of wages or income, if you were moving to another state in order to take a new job, but the moving company was so late or delayed that it caused you to miss the start of your new job. It will be important to prove that the moving company breached your contract.

What happens if a moving company refuses to unload your stuff?

They might threaten to bring your belongings back to your old address. Or to put them in storage and charge you even more for it. But, if you’ve signed a binding estimate, you don’t have to pay anything extra. As long as you were honest that is. And in those cases, the moving company is in violation of both the contract and the law. If they threaten you with extra charges and refuse to hand over your belongings, you should consider calling the police.

What happens if you don't get insurance for your belongings?

And so, they sign the moving paperwork without looking at it. And that’s what can cause a problem if there are any damaged items. If you don’t get extra insurance for your belongings, their value is tied to their weight. And that means that no matter how much your item costs, you’ll only get 60 cents per pound of weight. Those cents on the dollar in most scenarios. And in that case, you have no grounds for a lawsuit. Same as when you sign a document stating that you received your belongings in good condition. Without checking everything first. It will be very hard to prove otherwise after a few days when you unpack them.

How long does a carrier have to make a claim?

A household carrier may, by contract, require that a claim can be made to it by a shipper within a period of nine months of the shipment and that a civil action can be initiated within two years after the denial of such a claim. The period for initiating a civil action is determined from the date the carrier gives you a written notice that the he has declined any part of the claim designated in the notice.

Can you sue a moving company for a lawsuit?

And, furthermore, in order to file a lawsuit against your moving company if the company has your belongings and insist on paying more money, you have to pay the company first, and then you can possibly sue for actual damages.

Is an interstate move assumed each move that during its course of action cross state borders?

For an interstate move is assumed each move that during its course of action cross state borders regardless of the fact that the origin and the destination of the move might be locations at the same state.

What is breach of contract?

A breach of contract occurs when the contractor fails to hold up their end of the bargain. For example, a home reno contractor might miss a deadline, fail to deliver a completed product, or even display incompetence in providing a service.

What is the first step in contract law?

The most important first step you can take in any contract law claim is to consult with a lawyer. The best way to find the right type of lawyer, regardless of the exact facts associated with your case, is to contact a legal referral service.

What is a fundamental breach?

Fundamental Breach – The same as a material breach, but generally includes much more serious fallout. For example, a contractor who works on a roof incompetently might leave it in disrepair, resulting in leaks and thousands of dollars worth of water damage.

What is fraudulent bill padding?

Fraudulent bill padding, such as when a contractor agrees to complete a job for one amount, yet starts tacking on dubious fees. While contracts can and often do change, any suspicious additions should be scrutinized closely.

What is defective work?

Defective work is any work that puts the home, the project, the homeowner, or the people who enjoy the results at risk in some way. This may lower the home’s overall value, put the client’s life at risk, or even create an environment that encourages dangerous accidents and/or structural failures.

What is contracting contractor?

By very definition, contractors work on a contractual basis. This means they agree to provide a specific service, product, or result in exchange for cash within a certain period of time. For example, a plumber might agree to replace all of the plumbing in your master bathroom within two weeks for $2,000. Or, a home renovation specialist might ...

Is a contract written in California binding?

While the “contract” involved should always lay out the rules for this exchange in writing, both verbal and written contracts are valid and legally binding in California. What this means is that, should a contractor fail to follow through on the agreement in some way, you have the right to sue them for compensation.