reddit how did you decide to be a lawyer

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Should you become a lawyer?

You learn about different areas in law school. But I think a lot of new lawyers just apply to as many jobs as they can and then work in the area in which they get an offer. 8. level 2. jlately. · 3y Louisiana. Yep. Most new lawyers just fall into their area of practice. Especially if they are not at the top of their class.

Do lawyers make a comfortable living?

You need someone who knows the judges and has good relationships with the other attorneys in the area, but mainly the former. Contributors to this sub are going through a divorce, have been through one, or are contemplating the decision. Some of us initiated our divorce, others were "dumped." Some divorces involved infidelity.

How long does it take to become a lawyer after Law School?

The reason I asked you questions is because, in my experience, most people who want to be a lawyer but don't know what being a lawyer is like or don't know what they want to be are doing it for the wrong reasons and will be unhappy after having gone to law school. If you misjudge your expectations of the practice, or set your sights on roles ...

Is being a lawyer a prestigious calling?

Before law school: I am a quick thinker, and good at writing and articulating my point. I should be a lawyer. During law school: Fuck, I really hate all this pointless cramming for exams and forced networking, but I still like writing and arguing, so I'll do enough and embrace moot court and become a litigator.


Complaining: "Your Mental Health Matters to Us"

You took away our spring break and our amenities. We traded seven days off for two mental health days, and you still are making us make up those classes later on during the week. Fuck your mental health day.

Some Advice For You

I haven't been on reddit long, and certainly not in this subreddit. But, I have noticed a couple of things. And I'm going to give some unsolicited advice. Feel free to take it or not, but at least think about it. Here goes:

Got a job!

3L here. Today I accepted an offer as an associate attorney at a mid-sized law firm (~125 attorneys). To say that my grades in law school have been mediocre would be generous lol. But, I got as much experience as I could while in school and that went a very long way.

How do I find a good lawyer?

There are three good ways to find a lawyer, and many bad ways. The best way, always, is by direct referral. This is best done when you have time, and talk to your friends & family & extended circle for recommendations. This is why the old adage goes, a smart may knows a sheriff, a lawyer, and a judge.

What degree did Supervisor H have?

Background info, Supervisor H recently graduated with a bachelor’s in Psychology. One day he began asking me invasive medical questions about medication he thought that I was on; however, I avoided the questions because I thought that they were inappropriate.

Do lawyers know what they don't know?

Great lawyers know what they don't know and will usually refer out if it's something that they don't work in primarily. That being said, when getting a referral, it's important to know your budget. While some may argue it's not true, most of the time you'll get what you pay for with an attorney.

What do you like about being an attorney?

You might enjoy being an attorney if you like logic puzzles, research, and critical thinking. If logical reasoning doesn't come naturally, you can still develop those skills over time. You might take classes in logic or pick up logic puzzles to hone your skills.

What are the skills required to practice law?

Logical reasoning and critical-thinking skills are essential to the practice of law. Analytical skills are necessary for all practice areas, whether you're structuring a multi-million-dollar deal or developing a trial strategy. You might enjoy being an attorney if you like logic puzzles, research, and critical thinking.

What is constant writing?

Constant Writing. Words are a lawyer’s tool of the trade. Attorneys are expected to be good writers as well as excellent speakers. Trial attorneys will need to master oral and written persuasion as they argue motions, try cases, take depositions, and draft various legal pleadings.

How many hours do lawyers work?

This isn't a requirement for all lawyers, but some value-conscious clients might expect you to be accessible around the clock. Most lawyers work full time, and many work more than 40 hours per week. 9  Lawyers who work in public interest venues and academia might have more forgiving schedules, but they often trade high salaries for a better work-life balance.

What is client development?

Client Development. Most law firm attorneys are responsible for client development. Compensation, bonuses, draws, and partnership opportunities are frequently based on an attorney’s ability to bring in business for the firm, at least in part. 10 . If you choose to work for a law firm, you must excel at marketing yourself ...

What is public speaking?

Public Speaking. As an attorney, public speaking is a part of your day-to-day life. You'll present information to clients, juries, judges, arbitrators, opposing counsel, witnesses, boards, and colleagues. Trial lawyers present information in the courtroom. Corporate attorneys must be at ease in the boardroom.