how to become lawyer bitlife

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Process to become a lawyer in bitlife.

  • Start with a decent smartness. If you want to become a lawyer, you should verify that your character has had at least 80 intellectual ranks or higher.
  • Maintain your existing intelligence level.
  • Get higher education.
  • Successfully complete the Law School.
  • Be a lawyer.

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How to get a corporate job in BitLife?

  • Go to business school Go to business school, and major in finance or any other subject relating to business.
  • Get a job in business One of the essential steps to becoming a CEO is by getting a corporate job. ...
  • Work in corporate for 15 years After securing your corporate job, make sure to get fifteen years of experience working there.

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What to know before becoming a lawyer?

The woman told Arthur she had uterine cancer. Before long, they were discussing what her funeral could look like, the family she'd leave behind, and all the things she wanted to do before she died.

What education do I need to become a lawyer?

  • Important Facts About Lawyers
  • Getting Into Law School. After you get your bachelor's degree, you'll need to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) before you can be admitted to a school approved by ...
  • Law School. ...
  • Experience and Skill Development. ...
  • Continuing Education. ...

How to become president or prime minister in BitLife?

How do you Become President or Prime Minister in BitLife This is how you can run for President in BitLife and be a successful politician. So, to begin your process, you need to become a Bitizen. This means that you have to pay $4.99 USD which will open up options to start your political career.


How do u become a lawyer in BitLife?

(TL;dr Walkthrough – If you want to become a lawyer and Judge in BitLife, you will have to choose the proper education career after graduating from high school. That is English or Political Science. After that, if everything goes well, you will get approved for the law school.

What major do you take in BitLife to become a lawyer?

Lawyer Career StepsHave high Smarts, at least 80%University: Political Science or English.Higher Education: Law School.Job: Anything with "Law Firm"Experience: 30 Years.New Job: Magistrate (Municipal)

What university can I go to to become a BitLife lawyer?

These subjects include History, English or Political Science. If you want to become a judge or a lawyer, then law school is the one for you.

How do I become a judge or lawyer in BitLife?

To become a judge in BitLife, you will need to be a high smarts character, complete college, and then go to law school to become a lawyer. You will then need to maintain a job as a lawyer for a total of 30 years to get access to the judge career.

What is the highest paying BitLife job?

The highest paying job in BitLife is either Lead Actor or Singer. These careers both get you the fame bar, which can also be used to get a lot of money. The careers themselves have a high salary, but you can also use the Fame tab to write a book, film a commercial, and pose in a magazine.

Where can I find a unicorn in BitLife?

The best way to find a Unicorn in BitLife is to age up and hope for the encounter to appear as a random event. Whenever you age up, you will encounter some sort of animals. There are chances that you will encounter a Unicorn. This does always occurs but it happens a couple of times in a life.

Why do I get rejected from Law School BitLife?

BitLife: How to Get Special Careers. Upon finishing your university degree, you will be asked whether you want to look for a job or seek higher education. Choose higher education, then pick law school. If you choose an unrelated major in university, you will be rejected from law school.

How do you become a lawyer?

Before law school, students must complete a Bachelor's degree in any subject (law isn't an undergraduate degree), which takes four years. Then, students complete their Juris Doctor (JD) degree over the next three years. In total, law students in the United States are in school for at least seven years.

How do you become a billionaire in BitLife?

Tips for Becoming a Billionaire and selling Property in BitLifeGo to the Gym (Keep Health at 100 each year)Do a commercials.Sell products on Social Media.If your fame is dropping, go on a talk show or post on your social media channels.Work hard at your job so you don't get fired.More items...•

How do you become president on BitLife?

The first requirement is that you need to be at least 35 years of age if you want to become United States President. The second requirement is that you need to get Bitizenship. If you don't, then this job will not even show up for you! The third requirement is that you need to pay $4.99 USD to become President.

What comes after Magistrate in BitLife?

Attempting to go after this job before this time period won't work. You'll need to work hard every year as a Magistrate, similar to when you were working at the law firm, and become good friends with your colleagues. Eventually, you'll receive a promotion to become a judge.

How do you become BitLife famous?

To become famous in BitLife, you are going to need to maximize your looks and approach a low level job like Lounge Singer, Voiceover Actor, Disc Jockey, Puppeteer, and even doing social media. Work hard each year to maximize your ability to get a promotion, and you will eventually reach the apex of each career.