how much is it for an immigration lawyer

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An immigration lawyer charges between $150 and $300 per hour, with a typical 30-min consultation fee of $75 to $150. Legal assistance when filing basic immigration forms costs $250 to $800, while green card assistance runs from $800 to $5,000, plus the USCIS fees of $460 to $700.

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What is the average salary of an immigration lawyer?

These charts show the average base salary (core compensation), as well as the average total cash compensation for the job of Immigration Attorney in the United States. The base salary for Immigration Attorney ranges from $68,524 to $92,982 with the average base salary of $80,382.

What does it take to become an immigration lawyer?

To become an immigration lawyer, you must first earn a bachelor’s degree from a college or university. At some point towards the end of the four-year program, you will take the law school admissions test (LSAT). The standardized exam assesses a person’s reading comprehension, logical, and verbal reasoning proficiency.

Is an immigration lawyer worth the cost?

Millions of people from countries around the world immigrate to the United States. If you’re also planning to move to the “land of opportunity”, you might be wondering if hiring an immigration lawyer is worth the cost. Well, the short answer is ‘‘yes’’!

How much do immigration lawyers make annually?

This is the equivalent of $1,245/week or $5,395/month. While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $104,924 and as low as $37,032, the majority of Immigration Attorney salaries currently range between $56,972 (25th percentile) to $77,387 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $92,105 annually in Miami.


Do I need a lawyer to apply for US citizenship?

Do I need a lawyer to apply for U.S. citizenship? No. You can file USCIS forms yourself, including Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, which can be submitted online.

How much does an immigration lawyer cost in Australia?

Immigration lawyer costs for permanent residence In the case of permanent residency visas, you can expect fees ranging from AUD$4,500 to $8,500 excluding GST and disbursements.

Do I need a lawyer to immigrate to Australia?

Only specific situations require a lawyer and most applicants don't require a lawyer; however, a lawyer is still recommended. Australia migration laws are complex and are always changing. Hiring a lawyer ensures your application is accurate, increasing your chances of acceptance.

Are migration agents worth it?

Although a visa application is never guaranteed to be successful, Migration Agents often have a higher success rate than regular applicants. For example at No Borders Migration we have an average success rate of 98%. This is because of the specialised knowledge and expertise that Migration Agents bring to the table.

What is an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration cases are complex. There are layers of complicated rules, laws, and regulations you need to navigate to get a successful outcome. Some cases are simple and don’t need special assistance.

Who Needs an Immigration Lawyer?

There are a lot of resources and information on immigration available online. So, it might seem unnecessary to pay a high price for an immigration lawyer when all these resources are free. The reality is, however, the immigration process is complex, and there is usually a lot at stake.

What Are the Different Cost Factors for an Immigration Lawyer?

There is a whole host of factors that will influence the cost of an immigration lawyer. Generally, however, the following factors will affect the price you are charged:

What Are the Average Costs for an Immigration Lawyer?

As we’ve explained above, there is a whole range of factors that will influence the actual cost of an immigration lawyer. What we can do, however, is look at what the average costs are for different types of visas.


Now you no longer have to wonder how much does an immigration lawyer cost. These legal fees can seem very expensive. But it may save you time and money in the long run. It could also be the difference between a successful application and a possible denial (or worse – deportation!).

How much does an immigration lawyer charge?

Immigration lawyers typically charge between $100 and $250 for a detailed consultation and many credit this to legal fees should you choose to hire them. Many also offer introductory calls at no cost – these are not meant to be detailed consultations, but an opportunity to share some context, get to know the lawyer and decide if you want to work with them. You’ll find many lawyers that specialize in removal / deportation cases do not charge any consultation fees at all.

Why is a lawyer in California more expensive than in North Carolina?

However, a lawyer in California may have more exposure to the immigration issue you are facing. It is important to balance cost and experience.

What happens if you are here illegally?

If you are here unlawfully, an attorney can help you figure out if there is a path to legal status. If you’ve had any brush ups with the law, even if you weren’t convicted, you might be at risk for deportation. These are just a few scenarios in which the advice of an immigration lawyer is crucial.

Is it optional to file for a government filing fee?

Government filing fees are not optional (unless you qualify for a fee waiver. Whether you work with an attorney or file your paperwork yourself, you will incur these costs and they can be quite steep. Thousands of people immigrate to the U.S. each year without the help of an immigration lawyer.

Can I work in New York and live in California?

Immigration law is federal, which means that you can live in California and work with an attorney in New York, if you are comfortable working remotely. This works for most people, unless you are dealing with issues that require frequent visits to immigration court (such as in removal/deportation cases).

Is a notario a lawyer?

Note: If you come across a “notario” or immigration “consultant”, they are not lawyers and are not licensed to practice immigration law. Be very careful who you trust with your immigration needs. Navigating U.S. immigration is incredibly time consuming and complex.

How much does an immigration lawyer cost?

On an hourly basis, the cost of an immigration lawyer ranges from $150 to $300.

What is a deportable crime?

Deportable crime. Multiple convictions with a total sentence of at least five years. Inadmissible crime. It is important to note that each state’s laws are different. To understand how a conviction in your state affects your immigration case, it is important to get analysis from an experienced immigration lawyer.

What is CitizenPath?

CitizenPath is an exceptional alternative to using an immigration lawyer. CitizenPath is an affordable online immigration service created by lawyers. It’s like TurboTax® but for immigration. Our software makes USCIS forms easier and helps eliminate the denials and mistakes that can make the process longer than it needs to be. We even provide a 100% money-back guarantee that USCIS will approve your application or petition.

What are some examples of immigration violations?

Examples of immigration violations include entering without inspection, visa overstays, marriage fraud and misrepresentation on previous applications. Although immediate relatives of U.S. citizens can generally overcome a visa overstay without a lawyer, other relatives will need help.

How long is a free initial consultation?

The meeting may be in an office, but these days it is typically online (Skype, Zoom, etc.) or on the phone. An initial consultation may last 30 to 60 minutes. This gives you a chance to evaluate your chances of success and if you have confidence in the lawyer. For the lawyer, it’s an opportunity to get sell his or her services. It’s very common to find an initial consultation for $150 or less. However, some attorneys choose to charge their regular rates.

Can a non-citizen be deported?

In fact, there may be serious immigration consequences – including deportation — even if you don’t have a conviction. This is because a non-citizen can be made deportable or inadmissible simply for enga ging in certain kinds of conduct. Examples include drug trafficking and prostitution, but other criminal activity may be equally problematic.

Is it a good idea to invest in an immigration lawyer?

Therefore, investing in the cost of an immigration lawyer is generally a good idea.

What Do Immigration Lawyers Charge?

In many cases, an immigration lawyer’s fees are charged by the hour based on their hourly rate. This can be anywhere from $150 to $500+ per hour. However, some immigration lawyers charge a set fee for a specific service. For example, for filing a specific immigration form, an immigration lawyer may charge a flat rate between $350 to $1,500.

What Factors Affect Immigration Attorney Costs?

Every immigration case is different and, therefore, could be more or less than the estimates given above. Some of the factors that will impact how much an immigrant lawyer costs are:

Is an Immigration Lawyer Worth The Cost?

Immigration law is complex and requires a high level of knowledge of the law and processes required for a successful outcome. Having an immigration lawyer by your side during these challenging processes could be the difference between a successful case and losing a case. Some of the core reasons you should hire an immigration lawyer include:

Hire An Experienced Immigration Lawyer Today

Novo Legal has a team of expert immigration lawyers who can assist you with deportation defense, family immigration, corporate immigration, and more. At our firm, we take many cases that other firms chose to reject. We strongly believe that it is our job to fight for the rights of immigrants in the United States.

How much does it cost to get a N-400 visa?

If you want to file an N-400 or an application for Naturalization. This type of Visa will cost you an Immigration attorney fees amounting to $800/person.

Why is immigration important?

Immigration is a great demographic phenomenon and a cause of population growth in the Unites States. The US Immigration law is very complex and diverse and many are hoping to get hold of a permanent residency. Because of the many advantages of a permanent residency, people are looking into ways to get into the country legally ...

What is legal residence?

Lawful residence gives a foreign national the right to work and live in the United States. This gives you the right to apply for any job that you want and still stay inside the country even if you are jobless. The immigration in the US is based on the reunification of families, immigrants with skills, protection of refugee as well as the promotion of cultural diversity.

What is an adjustment of status?

An Adjustment of Status is where someone currently living in the U.S under a non-immigrant visa becomes a beneficiary of an approved immigrant petition and apply for their status to be changed to permanent resident. The person or entity that filed your immigrant petition has to file an I-485 form.

What is an H-4 visa?

H-4 visas are visas dependents of H-1B visa holders can apply for. This visa is used so that dependents (spouse and children under the age of 21 years) can stay with the H-1B visa holder in the U.S. Your application for an H-4 visa can be submitted with the H-1B visa application. H-4 visas allow the holders to work en get an education in the U.S.

What is AC21 in the US?

AC21 is the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act. This act allows foreign nationals to change jobs in the U.S before they obtained their green card. So, if you are a foreign national and you applied for an Adjustment of Status, but you have not yet received your green card yet you can change jobs without it affecting your visa or Adjustment of Status application.

How long does a N-400 card last?

The N-400 application can be used by lawful permanent residents in the U.S, that is older than 18, to apply for U.S citizenship. Your green card must have been valid for at least 5 years prior to your application to be eligible. If your green card is based on marriage, it only has to be valid for three years.

What is a non-immigrant visa?

Non-immigrant work visas are visas that are obtained for the purpose to work, invest, trade and do business in the U.S. Non-immigrant visas only apply for a limited time period and do not lead to permanent residency or citizenship.

What is an EB-1 green card?

An EB-1 green card is an employment-based petition for permanent residency in the U.S. The EB-1C was specifically designed for the most skilled and proficient business managers and executives. EB-1 green cards do not require PERM labor certification

What is a NIW?

The National Interest Waiver (NIW) is designed for foreign nationals with exceptional ability in science, business or arts and also for advanced degree professionals (such as Master degrees or Ph.D’s). Students can also qualify under the NIW. With NIW, a foreign national can apply for a green card and seek to have the offer of employment requirement waived. This is done by proving that your admission to permanent residency is in national interest.