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Our founder and chief trial lawyer Chris Dolan played a critical role in convincing the Legislature to require Uber to provide $1 million in insurance coverage for its drivers.

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What does our employment law firm do for Uber?

Our work includes all US employment litigation, labor disputes, independent contractor reclassification claims, as well as providing advice, counsel and training to Uber on employment law compliance and dispute avoidance.

What is the APAC legal team at Uber?

The APAC Legal team is a group of ambitious legal professionals working on dynamic legal projects. The legal teams at Uber are meaningful for Uber's business and are true counsellors to our business teams.

What is Uber’s duty of care and liability in an accident?

Uber’s duty of care and liability in the event of an accident is further dependent on whether or not the company is classified as a common carrier. Common carriers include buses, ferries, airlines, cruises, taxes, and other forms of mass transit; and, common carriers have a higher duty of care.

What happens if an Uber driver is in an accident?

Drivers who are hurt in accidents where an Uber driver is the at fault party. Passengers hurt in any vehicle during an accident caused by an Uber driver. Uber drivers who are hurt in accidents where another party was at fault. Unfortunately, insurance companies typically work very hard to pay out the very least amount of money possible.


How many lawyers does Uber have?

We're a collaborative team of over 30 smart (but fun!) lawyers and legal professionals providing practical, pragmatic, and creative business-focused advice.

What law firm represents Uber?

Gibson Dunn lawyers Dhananjay Manthripragada, Blaine Evanson, and Heather Richardson also represent Uber and other gig companies in court.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Uber?

A proposed $8.4 million deal reached between Uber Technologies Inc. and more than 1,300 California drivers, who alleged they were misclassified as contractors, would end one of the gig economy court battles that predate the passage of Proposition 22.

Can Uber drivers Sue Uber?

Uber drivers can sue Uber. If you believe there was misconduct on the part of Uber against you, you might have a case. A rideshare lawyer is the best resource for lawsuit information. If you are in an accident while driving for Uber, whether or not it is your fault, Uber might be responsible for your compensation.

How do I file arbitration with Uber?

Additionally, a party initiating arbitration against Uber must send an electronic version of the demand for arbitration to the Arbitration Provider, and must send an electronic version of the as-filed demand to filed-arbitration-demands@uber.com.

How do I take an Uber action?

Taking Uber to Small Claims Court Step-by-StepSend Uber your demand letter. You can't just up and sue Uber without any notice. ... Fill out your court forms. ... File your complaint with your court. ... “Serve” your forms to Uber. ... Show up for your hearing.

Can I sue Uber for overcharging me?

You can sue Uber in a small claims court for breach of contract. A contracted driver once sued Uber and won almost $4000 because the company didn't pay the driver their bonus for giving 7,000 rides, as stated in their contract. This small claims court case only cost the driver $20 to file.

What happens when you are the victim of an Uber accident?

When you are the victim of a car accident, you are entitled, by law, to compensation from the party who has caused you harm. In an Uber ride, there can be two parties involved: The Uber driver, who makes a mistake or is reckless; The other driver, who causes the accident.

Is Uber liable for business?

If the Uber driver is responsible, then they are liable. Even if they have personal auto insurance, a lot of these policies don’t cover business rides. That means the driver is only covered when they are driving for their own use, not when they are taking Uber rides.

Does Uber have insurance?

Uber also has uninsured/ underinsured insurance coverage that can pick up the slack, which is also covered at $1 million per accident. This policy is only activated when the at-fault driver is: Uninsured. Underinsured. Flees the scene and cannot be held accountable.

Does Uber have third party liability insurance?

But the good news is that Uber carries third party liability coverage which pays up to $1 million for injuries and damages. This insurance also protects you, the passenger. If the car accident isn’t caused by the Uber driver, then you need to file a claim with the other driver’s auto insurance company and get compensated this way.

Can you sue Uber?

You need to understand that in these cases you cannot sue or file a claim against Uber. The drivers are not employees, but independent contractors, so the company is not held liable in all accidents. As for how much compensation you get depends on: The extent of your injuries.

How Can I Prove the Uber Driver Caused My Injuries?

Common carrier accidents and passenger injuries are two topics that fall under tort law, specifically, negligence. Negligence refers to an individual’s failure to use reasonable care that results in damage or injury being done to another person.

Should I Sue Uber or the Driver and What Remedies are Available?

Another tort law issue that often appears during Uber accident lawsuits are the concepts of vicarious liability and independent contractors.

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for Help with an Uber Lawsuit?

As discussed above, ridesharing services lawsuits can be tricky because the law varies by state and it is constantly changing. Therefore, whether you are a driver or a passenger involved in an Uber accident, you should contact a local Uber attorney for further assistance with your case.

How many sexual assaults were reported in Uber?

Meanwhile, in its long-awaited safety study, the ridesharing company disclosed an alarming incidence of sexual misconduct. In fact, there were 3,000 reports of Uber-related sexual assault in the United States last year, underscoring a major safety concern for riders everywhere.

What happens if you get injured in Uber?

If you suffer an injury in an accident while riding in an Uber, you have several options to recover compensation. If the Uber driver was at fault for the accident, you may be able to file a claim against the driver. However, this may not be the best option. It may be difficult to collect damages if the driver has only a personal car insurance policy: The driver must have a commercial auto insurance policy or a personal injury policy with a provision providing coverage for ridesharing. The good news is, you may be covered by Uber’s liability insurance and bodily injury policy, which covers up to $1 million in damages per accident.

Can you sue Uber for an accident?

If the other motorist was at fault for the accident, you may need to make a claim against their insurance carrier or sue them to recover compensation. In certain situations, you may make a claim against Uber itself, but because the company’s drivers are considered contractors rather than employees, it’s difficult to hold Uber liable for the actions of its drivers.

What is legal rideshare?

LegalRideshare is the only law firm in the United States entirely dedicated to Uber/Lyft accident and injury claims. LegalRideshare fights to recover costs of medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering for injured Uber/Lyft drivers.

Can you drive for Uber with a rental car?

Rental car : You can’t drive for Uber and Lyft with a regular rental car but you’ll still need a car to get around with while yours is in the shop.

Does Uber insurance cover rental cars?

If you get into an accident with a passenger in the car, Uber and Lyft’s insurance policies pay out liability and collision but they often won’t cover things like rental cars, lost wages and medical. But if the other party is at fault, you can actually go through their insurance company to try and get a settlement.

Does Uber have rideshare insurance?

Uber and Lyft provide $1 million in liability coverage while you’re on a trip or en route to a passenger but you’ll still want rideshare insurance to cover you during Period 1: when you have the app on but are still waiting for a passenger: UberX Rideshare Insurance.

Does Uber have insurance?

Uber Insurance Policy for Passengers. All Uber drivers have to carry personal insurance but while you’re on a trip, Uber and Lyft’s policy is primary and it provides $1 million of liability insurance.

Do rideshare drivers have to worry about accidents?

Rideshare drivers have a lot more to worry about than the typical motorist when it comes to accidents . Since you’re on the road so much and potentially driving during late night hours, it’s only a matter of time before an accident happens.

Can you drive for Uber with Lyft?

Medical : Even at low speeds, you could easily be injured in an accident and need to get costly medical treatment. Rental car : You can’t drive for Uber and Lyft with a regular rental car ...

What can an Uber lawyer do?

Your lawyer can help you assemble photos, contact information, receipts, and more. It is very important that you establish that you were a driver and that you were working for Uber at the time of the accident. This can be achieved by having screenshots and pay statements available for consideration.

How to contact Uber legal?

Call our law offices at (888) 649-7166 for a free legal consultation. You can ask us questions about your case, Uber’s policies, and what you should do moving forward, and we will tell you what we feel your lawsuit is worth and how we would win it.

How did Uber settle?

Initially, Uber was very secretive when it came to its business practices, going so far as to prevent any drivers knowing why they were prevented from driving or alerting users to policy changes. This went on for some time before a ruling in 2018 accompanied a settlement. The settlement was to be paid out to over 385,000 drivers, reimbursing them for expenses they traveled with passengers in their vehicles. The company paid a total of $100,000,000 to the drivers, some of whom received over $8,000. The terms of the settlement also stated that their policies would change; drivers would be more aware of what could constitute deactivation. Previously, drivers could simply attempt to log on only to find that they were barred, and reaching out to Uber would lead nowhere.

Why is Uber deactivated?

It is important to understand that most of the reasons for deactivation are universal, but a few of the nuances differ from city to city. For example, minimum ratings are different from location to location. This is because each city’s inhabitants may have different styles of ratings, tendencies, population, and much more. It can be unfair to drivers if the rules are uniform across different cities given the innate differences. Some of the causes for deactivation include:

Why is Uber deactivating drivers?

This can be due to the lack of evidence a driver has to show that he was innocent or because someone filed a complaint or claim against Uber and targeted or named the driver.

What did the terms of the settlement mean for Uber?

The terms of the settlement also stated that their policies would change; drivers would be more aware of what could constitute deactivation. Previously, drivers could simply attempt to log on only to find that they were barred, and reaching out to Uber would lead nowhere.

Is Uber a contractor?

Uber Drivers as Independent Contractors. Uber drivers are considered independent contractors; that is, they are not technically employed by the company and do not adhere to the same rules and regulations that others do. They are not given certain benefits and are not privy to overtime wages.