who is the new lawyer for shiloh on general hospital

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What is Shiloh’s real name in General Hospital?

Jun 23, 2019 · General Hospital: Zahra Amir Sticking Around Port Charles. Shiloh Archer’s new attorney looks like she will be calling Port Charles home for a while. The case she is working should take longer than a quick one-day courtroom appearance. So, we can see the talented Maysoon Zayid grace our screens probably through the summer.

Who is Zahra Amir (Maysoon Zayid) on General Hospital?

General Hospital fans want to know who is the new GH lawyer Zahra Amir ( Maysoon Zayid ) that debuted this week. Everyone ’ randomness asking who is Shiloh ’ s lawyer ? Well, it seems Shiloh Archer ( Coby Ryan McLaughlin ) hired a ringer from out of town to represent him in his detention conflict against Willow Tait ( Katelyn MacMullen ).

Why was Shiloh released from jail?

Jun 23, 2019 · Maysoon Zayid's initial General Hospital scenes definitely got viewers buzzing and as fans learn more about her, they seem excited to see more of this new character of Zahra Amir. Spoilers suggest that the week of June 24 could be a pretty wild one and fans will be curious to see how much Shiloh's new lawyer can help him in his battle to find the truth about his son.

Could drew be a threat to Shiloh?

Jun 24, 2019 · Zahra Amir is on Shiloh’s side. Pic credit: ABC General Hospital introduced a new lawyer last week. Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) is determined to find the little boy Willow (Katelyn MacMullen)...


What is Shiloh's real name?

Especially since he originally introduced himself as Hank, and his real name was actually David! While the character was new, the actor may have looked familiar to viewers since Coby Ryan McLaughlin has appeared in numerous primetime series over the years as well as another ...

Who saved Kristina from Shiloh?

But again, Jason saved her and beat Shiloh to a pulp. Shiloh had Kristina wrapped around his little finger. ABC.

Where was Shiloh locked up?

Locked up in Pentonville, Shiloh contacted Peter August and threatened to reveal his part in Drew’s kidnapping years ago in Afghanistan where they delivered him to Helena Cassadine. He ordered Peter to get him out of jail, and sure enough, as the cult leader’s trial began, he escaped on his way back to his cell!

Who is responsible for Sam's threatening emails?

Naturally, Jason and Sam suspected Shiloh of being behind the threatening E-mails Sam had been receiving, and when Spinelli traced them back to the Dawn of Day compound, they confronted him. However, Daisy took the blame, and Shiloh easily got Kristina back on his side.

What did Shiloh do in Unsavory?

Shiloh had resorted to "unsavory" means to make money, which had eventually led him to Afghanistan, working as a personal security contractor. By then, he'd gone by the name Hank Archer. However, everything had changed when Drew had saved him from certain death.

Why did Shiloh and Sam follow Jason?

Shiloh assumed that Jason had followed them because he was obsessed with Sam, which Sam used to her advantage when Shiloh walked in on Jason kissing her. Sam slapped Jason then reiterated that they were over.

Why did Sam and Shiloh ask Jason to spend the night with him?

Shiloh asked Sam to spend the night with him so they could watch the breaking dawn together. Before she could reply, Shiloh and Sam heard Jason cry out in pain. Sam rushed down the stairs and saw Jason unconscious on the ground. Jason had been struck blind from a virus. Shiloh and Sam rushed Jason to the hospital.

What happened to Shiloh's house of cards?

Shiloh's house of cards began to crumble when it was time for Kristina's initiation into the Trust. Kristina was eager to join, and she had offered the secret that Shiloh had required as a token of her trust. However, Jason had found Kristina drugged and passed out in the attic just as the ceremony was to begin.

Why did Shiloh move to a motel?

Shiloh was forced to move to a motel on the outskirts of town because his finances had been frozen. Desperate for money, Shiloh recalled that Drew's memories had been downloaded on a flash drive, so he enlisted the help of a follower to steal the flash drive. On July 31, Shiloh met with Dr. Arthur Cabot.

Where did Shiloh land in the movie?

Shiloh landed in a crumpled heap at the bottom. Later, Shiloh was transferred to General Hospital. Jason and Sam confronted Shiloh with the evidence of his crimes against Sam then demanded the pledges in exchange for their silence. Shiloh agreed to their terms, but Jason and Sam had lied.

Who was Shiloh's first big mark?

Jason and Sam decided to confront Shiloh. Shiloh acknowledged that he was David Henry Archer.

When did Shiloh and Sam go to the attic?

On April 24, Shiloh had Sam come over for a "Session" and they go up into the attic where Shiloh kissed Sam and tried to have sex with her, but she pushes away and both were recording each other secretly. Sam left crying as this revealed all of what Shiloh did to her to Jason. Hank threatens Willow.

Who killed Shiloh in Port Charles?

Shiloh was enemies with everyone in Port Charles after being exposed for the sexual predator that he is. On September 26, 2019, he was killed by Sam in defense of Jason. On January 14, 2020, it was revealed that prior to his death that he married Nelle Benson while in Pentonville.

Why doesn't Drew remember Hank?

They decide to meet and Hank thanks him for saving his life in Afghanistan, unfortunately Drew doesn't remember it because of his lost memories.

Did Shiloh get released from the hospital?

However, as Shiloh was released from the hospital and was about to be taken to jail, Harmony came and falsely confessed to drugging the women in the trust. Therefore, Shiloh was released as Harmony was arrested. After Shiloh finds out that he had a baby with Willow, he serves her to appear in family court.

Who ran the house in Dawn of Day?

Kristina Corinthos-Davis moved out of Sam's apartment and into the Dawn of Day house. When Sam and Jason went to visit her, she introduced them to Shiloh the man who ran the house, who turns out is Hank. He explained to them he had changed his name from Hank to Shiloh when he changed his life.

Does Jason kill Sam?

Jason vows to kill him if he did not reveal Sam's location, but Shiloh makes Jason let go and tells him that he has to be willing to have Drew's memories transferred onto him since Sam actually took the fake flashdrive. The real one was always with Shiloh.

When did McLaughlin leave the show?

On September 17, 2019, McLaughlin revealed in a podcast that although he had signed a three-year deal back in 2018 that the producers decided to let him go and he understood the reason behind their decision. He later gave further confirmation about his exit on his Instagram story on September 19, 2019.