where to file a complaint against your pennsylvania lawyer

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If you have had a problem or issue with a lawyer in Pennsylvania, you can file a complaint with a district office of the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. The board will work with you to resolve the issue. Call the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

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How do I file a complaint with the PA Attorney General?

ONLINE. To file a complaint, fill out the electronic form below. For FAQs related to the complaint process, click here. MAIL. If you prefer, you can print the fillable English-language complaint form found here. After signing the completed form, mail it directly to the district office where the attorney practices.

How do I file a complaint?

Submit a Complaint – PA Office of Attorney General Home > Submit a Complaint Submit a Complaint The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General receives more than 50,000 complaints and referrals each year, which allows us to fight on your behalf. You can submit a complaint online or by printing out and sending a form into our office.

How do I file a lawsuit against a lawyer?

Dec 09, 2019 · How Can I Make a PA Bar Association Complaint? Consumers can make complaints to the Pennsylvania Bar Association Disciplinary Board through the website or by printing or requesting a paper form from them. The complaint should include: Consumer contact information. Attorney’s contact information. Relevant court case information, if applicable.

What happens if you file a complaint against an attorney?

Complaint Forms should be sent to the following address: The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania District IV Office Suite 1300, Frick Building 437 Grant Street Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (412) 565-3173 Fee Disputes The Erie County Bar Association (ECBA) is a private membership organization for attorneys.


How do I report attorney misconduct in PA?

3. How do I find out if an attorney has any grievances/complaints filed against him or her? Call the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania at 717-231-3380 or go to their website.

What is the most common complaint against lawyers?

Perhaps the most common kinds of complaints against lawyers involve delay or neglect. This doesn't mean that occasionally you've had to wait for a phone call to be returned. It means there has been a pattern of the lawyer's failing to respond or to take action over a period of months.

Who governs lawyers in PA?

The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is dedicated to protecting the public, maintaining the integrity of the legal profession, and safeguarding the reputation of the courts.

What is unethical for a lawyer?

Attorney misconduct may include: conflict of interest, overbilling, refusing to represent a client for political or professional motives, false or misleading statements, knowingly accepting worthless lawsuits, hiding evidence, abandoning a client, failing to disclose all relevant facts, arguing a position while ...

How do you write a complaint letter about a lawyer?

Formal complaint against [name of lawyer or law firm] describe what the lawyer had been hired to do for you [for example dealing with the sale or purchase of a house] • say when this was [give the date or dates when the problem occurred]. My complaint is that [list what you think went wrong or wasn't done properly.

How do you know if a lawyer is scamming you?

Some common signs of a scam include:Payment needs to happen quickly. You can't ask questions or get clarification.It's an emergency. Someone may threaten you or your loved ones.Requests for money usually happen over text, email or phone.The person contacting you is not someone you recognize.Mar 29, 2021

How do I contact the PA Attorney General?

Phone/FAX Numbers(800) 441-2555 HOTLINE for Consumer Protection.(717) 787-3391 Main.(717) 787-8242 Fax.

How do I contact the Pennsylvania attorney general?

You should contact our Bureau of Consumer Protection at consumers@attorneygeneral.gov or phone at 1-800-441-2555.

How do I sue the state of Pennsylvania?

Anyone wishing to sue a state governmental unit must provide written notice within six months of injury. The notice contains the identity and address of the victim; the location, date, and time of the injury; and the name and address of the potential plaintiff's doctor.

What are examples of ethics violations?

Ethics violations such as discrimination, safety violations, poor working conditions and releasing proprietary information are other examples. Situations such as bribery, forgery and theft, while certainly ethically improper, cross over into criminal activity and are often dealt with outside the company.Aug 14, 2015

What are ethics violations?

Common ethical abuse examples include discrimination, harassment, improper use of company computers and unethical leadership. An ethical company code is important, but only if the leaders can live up to it.

What is misconduct law?

In law profession misconduct means an act done willfully with a wrong intention by the people engaged in the profession. It means any activity or behaviour of an advocate in violation of professional ethics for his selfish ends.

What Counts as Lawyer Misconduct in Pennsylvania?

Lawyers in Pennsylvania adhere to the bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct. These rules spell out a lawyer’s responsibilities, but they function more as guidelines than absolutes, as clarified in point 19 of the Preamble, which sets forth a lawyer's responsibilities. Not all PA Bar Association complaints result in disciplinary action.

How Can I Make a PA Bar Association Complaint?

Consumers can make complaints to the Pennsylvania Bar Association Disciplinary Board through the website or by printing or requesting a paper form from them. The complaint should include:

What Discipline Will My Lawyer Face?

The Pennsylvania Bar Association Disciplinary Board can opt for public or private disciplinary measures against an offending lawyer. When consumers request information about a member of the PA Bar Association, complaints and public disciplinary measures are reported.

What Can I Do If a Lawyer Steals My Money?

Unfortunately, misappropriation of funds is a risk whenever a consumer gives a professional representative, such as a lawyer, her financial account information.

What If My Lawyer and I Disagree on How Much I Owe?

County bar associations in Pennsylvania handle bill-related concerns through Fee Dispute Committees. Consumers should contact the individual association and request information about filing a complaint.

How Can I Complain About Prosecutor Misconduct?

Sometimes, the problem is not a client’s lawyer but that of the opposing side. In criminal cases, this is the prosecutor. Academically speaking, there are four types of widely recognized prosecutor misconduct:

Disciplinary Board Complaint

All attorneys admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct. The purpose of the Rules is to set forth minimum ethical standards for the practice of law.

Fee Disputes

The Erie County Bar Association (ECBA) is a private membership organization for attorneys. It is not permitted to play any role in regulating the conduct of lawyers in Pennsylvania because that is handled by the Disciplinary Board.

How to file a complaint against a lawyer?

In most states, you can file your complaint by mailing in a state-issued complaint form or a letter with the lawyer's name and contact information, your contact information, a description of the problem, and copies of relevant documents. In some states, you may be able to lodge your complaint over the phone or online.

What happens if you don't report a violation of the law?

If there's no evidence of a violation, the board will dismiss the case and notify you. If the violation is minor, a phone call or letter to the lawyer usually ends the matter.

Who reviews ethics complaints?

In most cases, a board of lawyers and non-lawyers will review the complaint. If there’s a potential ethical violation, the board will give the lawyer a copy of the complaint and an opportunity to respond.

What is the responsibility of a lawyer?

Lawyers are given a lot of responsibility and often deal with serious matters, from criminal charges to child custody to tax and other financial matters. When you hire a lawyer, you are trusting him or her to represent your interests in the best manner possible.

What are the rules of professional conduct?

The American Bar Association publishes the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which lists standard ethical violations and best practices for lawyers. Some states have adopted the model rules as their own ethical rules, while others use it as a guide and modify or add rules.

Can you win a malpractice lawsuit?

If you’re looking for compensation, a malpractice lawsuit is generally the way to go. However, legal malpractice lawsuits can be very difficult to win. Among other things, you must show that your lawyer made a significant mistake in your case and that you suffered a monetary loss because of it.

What is the duty of a lawyer?

Lawyers have a duty to keep their clients reasonably informed about the status of their cases, to respond promptly to requests for information, and to consult with their clients about important decisions in their cases (for example, whether to accept a settlement offer). Not returning the client's documents.

What to do if you have concerns about an attorney?

Criminal conduct. If you are unsure whether your concerns with an attorney involve professional misconduct, in most states you can call or email the disciplinary office and discuss the matter prior to submitting a written complaint. Contact information for attorney regulatory authorities, by jurisdiction: Alabama. Alaska.

What are some examples of attorney misconduct?

Some examples of attorney practices that violates the Rules include: Serious neglect of your case. Failure to provide an accounting of your money ...

What to do if you are not satisfied with your lawyer?

If you're not satisfied with your lawyer's strategy decisions or with the arguments the lawyer has been making on your behalf, you may even want to go to the law library and do some reading to educate yourself about your legal problem.

What to do if your lawyer doesn't work?

If that doesn't work, as a last resort you may need to sue your lawyer in small claims court, asking the court for money to compensate you for what you've spent on redoing work in the file or trying to get the file.

What is the agency responsible for licensing and disciplining lawyers?

Every state has an agency responsible for licensing and disciplining lawyers. In most states, it's the bar association; in others, the state supreme court. The agency is most likely to take action if your lawyer has failed to pay you money that you won in a settlement or lawsuit, made some egregious error such as failing to show up in court, didn't do legal work you paid for, committed a crime, or has a drug or alcohol abuse problem.

What to do if you can't find out what has been done?

If you can't find out what has (and has not) been done, you need to get hold of your file. You can read it in your lawyer's office or ask your lawyer to send you copies of everything -- all correspondence and everything filed with the court or recorded with a government agency.

What to do if you lost money because of a lawyer?

If you lost money because of the way your lawyer handled your case, consider suing for malpractice. Know, however, that it is not an easy task. You must prove two things:

Can you sue for legal malpractice?

If you want to sue for legal malpractice, do it as quickly as possible. A common defense raised by attorneys sued for malpractice is that the client waited too long to sue. And because this area of the law can be surprisingly complicated and confusing, there's often plenty of room for argument.

Does the state bar reimburse clients?

But all states except Maine, New Mexico, and Tennessee do have funds from which they may reimburse clients whose attorneys stole from them.