what would a lawyer do in an animal shelter

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Animal lawyers have many duties. Depending on their area of practice they may research cases, advise clients, prepare and review legal documents, file class action lawsuits, argue cases in court, conduct depositions, and create pet trusts. Animal law professionals may publish case studies journals dedicated to the study of animal law.

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What does an animal lawyer do?

When someone kills or injures your animal, the law primarily (although not exclusively) sees this as an injury to “property.” A lawyer who specializes in personal injuries or injury to property (called “torts” in the law) should be able to handle the case.

How do I find a lawyer for animal abuse cases?

If you have an animal welfare complaint involving a pet store, kennel, breeder, or livestock animals, you need to contact the local animal law enforcement agency (animal control, sheriff, police) where the facility is located for potential penal code and/or local ordinance violations.

What to do if you find a stray dog at a shelter?

Dec 15, 2008 · The animal bites, can do serious damage, is brought back to the shelter and is adopted out again. There is so much more to say but this piece does a great job of telling it like it is. I adopted many dogs from breed shelters run strictly by selfless, hard working volunteers.

What skills do you need to be an animal rights lawyer?

The mission of the Bluffton-Wells Animal Shelter is to ensure public health and safety, prevent overpopulation, animal neglect and animal cruelty through education, rescue, law enforcement and pet adoption. The Bluffton-Wells Co. Animal Shelter can only accept pets from Wells County. The Bluffton-Wells Co. Animal Shelter receives pets from:


Can lawyers represent animals?

Animal law is a relatively new, and growing, specialty within the law, and an increasing number of lawyers specialize in cases involving animals. In most cases, however, while it may be advantageous, it is not necessary to find an attorney who specializes in animal law specifically.

What do animal advocates do?

An animal advocate is someone who believes in the right of animals to exist without fear of abuse, exploitation or extermination. Animal advocates work hard and sometimes fight so that this right is upheld. Animal advocates can be individuals, or people who volunteer or work for an animal welfare organization.

Why do lawyers have dogs?

“Attorneys can decompress with the dogs and enjoy their company, which helps minimize stress. This in turn pays off with our clients because when they visit the office, they walk into a more relaxed environment, which helps them feel more comfortable and leads to more open and honest conversations.”Sep 10, 2021

How do you get into animal rights?

12 Steps To Become An Animal AdvocateDetermine Your Strengths. A good way to become an animal activist is to make a list of your strengths. ... Choose Your Cause. Find out as much as you can about animals and the various issues affecting them. ... Know Your Subject. ... Get Connected. ... Volunteer. ... Plant A Seed. ... Listen. ... Power Of The Pen.More items...

Who advocates for animal abuse?

ListNameBornOccupationBob Barker1923Former host of The Price Is Right, animal rights activistKim Basinger1953Actress, model, animal rights activistGene Baur1962Founder of Farm SanctuaryTom BeauchampProfessor of Philosophy at Georgetown University, co-author of The Human Use of Animals (1998)109 more rows

What is an animal advocate called?

Noun. A person who fights for animal rights. animal lover. animal rights activist.

Can lawyers own dogs?

Just make sure it's not too loving. Many lawyers are proud pet owners, bringing cats, dogs, small wolves, iguanas, and/or flying squirrels into their apartments and homes.Mar 30, 2010

How do you fight for animal rights?

Top 10 Suggestions For Being An Effective Animal Rights ActivistGo vegan. Veganism is the essential starting point in being an animal activist. ... Get involved with local animal rights groups. ... Protest. ... Wear it on your sleeve. ... Be vocal. ... Leave a trail. ... Watch your mouth. ... Know what you're talking about.More items...•Feb 10, 2014

Which animal rights group is the most extreme?

A U.S. branch of the ALF began operating in 1979, when they orchestrated a raid to free laboratory animals from New York University's Medical Center. By the 1990s, the ALF established itself as the most infamous and damaging animal rights group in the United States.Aug 20, 2021

Who is Faye Carey?

Faye Carey is a teen activist around the age of 18 who lives in Waikato, New Zealand that believes that all dogs and cats should be spayed and/or neutered. Even with all, she does for animals she is still able to keep up with all of her school work and other activities which show she is truly amazing.

What is the Animal Legal Defense Fund?

Since 1979, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has been the leader in the fight to win animals the legal protection they so desperately need—and deserve. Your generous support is vital to our continued success.

What happens when someone kills an animal?

When someone kills or injures your animal, the law primarily (although not exclusively) sees this as an injury to “property.”. A lawyer who specializes in personal injuries or injury to property (called “torts” in the law) should be able to handle the case.

Is animal law a specialty?

Animal law is a relatively new, and growing, specialty within the law, and an increasing number of lawyers specialize in cases involving animals. In most cases, however, while it may be advantageous, it is not necessary to find an attorney who specializes in animal law specifically.

Can you pay more for an animal case?

However, due to the limited potential for recovery of damages in animal cases, it is possible to pay more for an attorney’s services than you are likely to recover if you win your case, barring an award for punitive or emotional distress damages.

Who needs an Animal Shelter Registration?

A municipality that operates a housing facility for the impoundment and care of dogs, cats, and other specific animals that are:

How Do I Apply for a Registration?

Contact the Animal Industry Division at 517-284-5769, 800-292-3939, or via email: AnimalShelters@Michigan.gov for more information regarding operating an animal shelter and the specific facility requirements.

Laws and Regulations

The most frequently-used laws and regulations regarding animal care, shelters, shelter animals, and animal control agencies:

How Do I File A Complaint About A Shelter?

If you have concerns about the care of the animals and the conditions of an animal shelter, you may file an online complaint with MDARD. Please include the name and location of the facility, the time and date you were at the facility, and specific animal information (for example: black & white small dog in the adoption ward "Freddy.")

How to take care of an animal that hasn't found a home?

Go to the municipal kennel. Let the municipal kennel know where you live and that you have set up an animal shelter. Tell them to notify you before putting to sleep any animals that haven’t found a home, in order to take them in. Most of the time, they will be ready and happy to help.

Can you volunteer to take care of animals that have no place to stay?

Furthermore, since you will soon have your own shelter, you can volunteer to take care of the animals that have no place to stay due to a lack of space. They could be your first guests!

Do you need financial support to get veterinary attention?

Unless you’re a descendant of Ebenezer Scrooge, you are going to need financial support to get veterinary attention, accessories, and food for the animals that you’ll be taking care of. The animals have to have all their basic needs financially covered.

Can you keep an abandoned dog in a cage?

The idea isn’t to have the animals locked up in cages, but keep in mind that some abused or abandoned dogs may have behavioral issues that could harm other pets or even yourself. Until they calm down, it is better to have these animals separated from the others unit you gain their trust, which requires lots of patience and love.

What do animal shelter volunteers do?

But while they can’t take every animal home, animal shelter volunteers perform a plethora of services. They help feed the animals, clean the cages and, of course, help people find lifetime companions.

What is an animal shelter?

Animal shelters are buildings or areas devoted to the temporary care and shelter of homeless or unwanted animals. Nearly every city in the United States has at least one animal shelter. Shelters require numerous employees and volunteers, and must follow various state and local laws and regulations. Uncontrolled breeding ...

What is the highest priority for reputable rescue and adoption groups?

First and foremost, the highest priority for reputable rescue and adoption groups is the health and proper care of the animals. Animals placed in rescue should be given adequate food, water, and veterinary care. Trustworthy rescues understand that it is important for the family and the pet to be a good match.

Why are shelters important?

Shelters are necessary to deal with the repercussions of pet overpopulation. And although they do not treat or stop the problem of unwanted pets, they do help to decrease the spread of disease as well as the risk of injuries such as bites or scratches from these stray animals, living on the edge of survival.

How many dogs are euthanized annually?

Of these, about 4 to 6 million are euthanized annually, due to a lack of available homes or people willing to adopt them. The cause of most of this overpopulation is irresponsible pet ownership and uncontrolled breeding. One female dog can produce about 2 litters of puppies a year. Each litter averages 6 to 10 puppies.

How many dogs and cats are in shelters?

These shelters are responsible for temporarily caring for the 8 to 10 million dogs and cats that enter shelters every year. These animals are brought to the shelter when found as strays or turned over by owners who no longer want them.

Why adopt from a rescue group?

The advantages to adopting from a rescue group are that animals will be accustomed to living with people, and the foster parent will be knowledgeable about the animal.

What is a full service shelter?

Some full-service shelters contract with local community governments to perform the function of animal control alongside their humane society mission. Under this arrangement, the shelter is still governed by its board of directors, but must respond to the contracting government over issues related to the contracted services.

Is Animal Protection a 501c3?

As the name implies, this is a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit organization with a Board of Directors and by-laws that govern the mission and policies of the group. Its mission is to protect animals from people, which often includes a strong educational component. When applying for nonprofit status, in most states these agencies are incorporated for the “prevention of cruelty to animals.” They may have members, and members may or may not have voting privileges.

What is Wells County Friends of the Shelter?

Wells County Friends of the Shelter is a volunteer organization under the direction of the Friends of the Shelter Board of Directors.

Where is the Bluffton Animal Shelter?

For more information or monthly meeting dates, contact Patti Langel at (260) 824-2505. Bluffton Animal Shelter. 1613 W. Cherry St. Bluffton, IN 46714. Phone: (260) 824-6063. Email:

Can you guarantee the health of an animal adopted from a shelter?

The Animal Shelter cannot guarantee the health or temperament of an animal adopted from the Shelter. Pets sometimes get loose and run away, often ending up in animal shelters. Pet owners may tire of an animal or for whatever reason, can’t house it anymore and they bring it to a shelter.

Is the Bluffton Wells Animal Shelter open?

Animal Shelter is a joint venture of the City of Bluffton and Wells County. The shelter has three full time employees and is open Monday through Friday. The mission of the Bluffton-Wells Animal Shelter is to ensure public health and safety, prevent overpopulation, animal neglect and animal cruelty through education, rescue, law enforcement and pet adoption. The Bluffton-Wells Co. Animal Shelter can only accept pets from Wells County.

U.S. Animal Shelter Facts

Animals end up in shelters for many reasons: abandonment, behavioral issues, not enough time for the pet, etc. It’s hard for responsible pet owners to understand how someone could surrender their pet, but it happens often. That’s why it’s important to understand the commitment before bringing any animal home.

U.S. Euthanasia Statistics

390,000 euthanized dogs are 390,000 too many. The reason for euthanasia in shelters is overcrowding, which highlights the importance of the willingness to commit before bringing an animal home. It also emphasizes the importance of considering the adoption of an animal that may be euthanized rather than paying full price from a breeder.

Pet Overpopulation Statistics

This low percentage of animals that are spayed or neutered adds to the overpopulation and overcrowding of shelters. This surgery can also lower the risk of your pet suffering from various ailments and even some forms of cancer later in life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Shelters

Depending on the state you live in, most require a 5-7-day stay before being put down. A holding period law active in over 30 states requires this time frame so owners who have lost an animal can contact their local shelters to reclaim them. Sadly, this isn’t always the case; the time frame can be as little as 48 to 72 hours before euthanization.


All animals deserve a shot at a good life. It’s unfair for any animal to end up in a shelter because the owner gets “tired” of it or simply can’t handle or afford the animal. Educate yourself before adopting, and make sure you can commit for the duration of the animal’s life.

The 12 Most Shocking UK Animal Shelter Statistics and Facts

An estimated 2.7 million animals enter UK animal shelters each year. Of these, 1.2 million are cats, 664,000 are dogs, and 184,000 are other animals (fish, small mammals, etc.).

The 3 Most Surprising Reasons for Taking Animals to Shelters

The idea of euthanizing an animal is repugnant to many. But, for some owners, it can be the most humane thing to do. Sometimes, euthanasia is considered a last resort when the owner has changed circumstances and can no longer care for their pet.

Frequently Asked Questions about UK Animal Statistics and Facts

There are around 1,000 animal shelters in the UK. Many of them are run by two of the largest animal welfare organizations in the UK, the RSPCA and PDSA

What Kind Of Animals Are Housed At An Animal Shelter?

There’s a variety of different animals housed in a shelter. Some of the most common animals in a shelter include dogs, cats, raccoons, and skunks.


Animal shelters and welfare organizations in the UK and around the globe help reduce the number of homeless and unwanted animals. They do this through adoption campaigns and rescue operations. Also, they can use marketing campaigns and other beneficial initiatives.

What is an animal shelter?

Report Highlights. An animal shelter is a non-profit organization, public or private, that houses and rehabilitates domestic animals. The number of animals entering shelters has decreased in recent decades. While some of the decrease may be due to budget cuts, experts mainly credit public opinion and improved practices, such as population control through sterilization.

Who founded the first animal shelter?

The First Animal Shelters. Animal shelters in the modern sense have existed in the United States for over 150 years. The very first was founded by thirty women from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, spearheaded by Caroline Earle White. The organization still exists today under the name Women’s Animal Center.

How many cats are reunited with their owners in shelters?

More cats enter shelters as strays than any other animal. Some shelters report euthanizing up to 70% of cats. 2-5% of shelter cats are reunited with an owner. 19% of people say shelter cats are less adoptable than shelter dogs.

How many animals are euthanized in shelters?

U.S. shelters take in over 6 million animals every year. About half of shelter animals are adopted. As many as 40% are euthanized, often due to lack of space and funding. In surveys, most people drastically underestimate the number of animals killed in shelters each year.

How long do shelter animals have to be held before being euthanized?

In states with holding laws, the minimums range from 48 hours to 10 days. 5 states are responsible for half of all euthanized shelter animals.

How many dogs are adopted from shelters?

23% of pet dogs, or about 17.9 million, were adopted from a shelter. 48% of shelter dogs are adopted. 36% of Americans who choose to rehome their dog take it to a shelter. 22% of shelter dogs are euthanized. 15-20% of shelter dogs are reunited with an owner. 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred.

How many kittens die in shelters?

55-71% of kittens that die in shelters are killed by disease. The mortality rate for orphaned kittens is as high as 40%. 46% of shelter dogs are puppies or juveniles. Puppies under six months wait an average of 23 days before they’re adopted.