what questions should you ask a construction accident lawyer in new york

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Frequently Asked Questions About New York Construction Accident Lawsuits What are the most common New York City construction accident injuries? Who is liable for my injuries at a construction site? If I am injured on the job, is Worker’s Compensation my only avenue for recovery?

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What are the five steps to do if injured in a construction accident?

5 Steps to Take After a Construction AccidentStep 1: Seek medical attention. Your first priority after being injured in a construction accident should be to get medical attention. ... Step 2: Notify your employer. ... Step 3: Gather information. ... Step 4: Consult with an attorney. ... Step 5: File an appeal.

Should I hire a construction accident attorney?

It's best to hire a construction accident lawyer early in the process to avoid costly mistakes. The deadline to file your accident claims varies from state to state. Because you may need to pay for medical bills and cover your lost wages, the sooner you contact an attorney the better.

What should I ask for in a settlement?

The following items will be factored in to a potential settlement:Past and future medical bills.Rehabilitation costs.Pain and suffering.Therapy.Lost wages and/or future income.

How do you win a case of an accident?

Five Keys to Winning an Auto Accident CaseCollect Key Evidence that Will Help Your Case. Our first tip is to try to collect as much evidence as possible. ... Avoid Falling for the Insurance Companies' Tactics. ... Follow Your Doctor's Advice. ... Stay Off of Social Media. ... Put Experience On Your Side.

How do lawyers negotiate settlements?

The negotiation process typically starts with your lawyer providing a written proposal for settlement to the insurance adjuster or the defendant's lawyer. The adjuster or lawyer will respond to your lawyer either in writing or over the phone.

How do you ask for more money in a settlement?

Send a Detailed Demand Letter to the Insurance Company Because the insurance company will likely reply with an offer for an amount lower than what you've asked for in the demand letter, you should ask for between 25 and 100 percent more than what you would be willing to settle for.

What is a good settlement?

A good settlement offer should not only be able to cover your hospital bills and legal fees, but it should also be equivalent to close to a years' worth of your current wages, especially in cases where your injuries may be permanent or cause some kind of disability.

What happens if you don't report an accident within 24 hours?

The sooner they file a claim, the better. However, failure to report the accident can result in a misdemeanor or felony charge. Fleeing the scene of the incident could also get the police involved. Even minor injuries are serious issues, let alone vehicle damage and death.

Can you do a personal injury claim yourself?

Can I represent myself in a personal injury claim? Yes, everyone has a right to access to justice. So if you are unable to find suitable legal representation for your injury claim, you could potentially pursue the matter yourself.

How do you win a fender bender?

5 Steps to Help Win Your Car Accident CaseSeek medical treatment immediately. Have a medical examination immediately following any collision, even if you think you were not injured. ... Document the collision. ... Follow through. ... Do not communicate with anyone. ... Negotiate with your head, not your heart.

What to do after a construction accident?

Before retaining any counsel, you should conduct thorough interviews with multiple candidates to assess their qualifications and determine if they are right for your case.

Should I hire a construction accident lawyer?

If you have experienced a personal injury due to a construction accident, you may be considering hiring a construction accident attorney. This is an excellent decision as hiring a lawyer improves your ability to successfully negotiate a favorable workplace injury claim. Before you hire a construction accident attorney, though, you will need to research and meet with potential candidates to see who would be a good fit for your case. Below are 6 important questions to ask a Queens construction accident lawyer before hiring them.

New York Labor Laws for Construction Work

There are three special sections of the New York labor laws that allow construction workers who were injured on the job to file a lawsuit. These are Labor Law Sections 200, 240, and 241 (6).

Construction Lawyer in New York

Finally, Section 241 (6) provides protection in situations requiring excavation, demolition, or overall construction work. This section allows workers to sue their contractors for specific violations, especially those related to Rule 23 of the New York Industrial Code.

Causes of Construction Accidents

There are many reasons construction sites are dangerous. In fact, it’s the most dangerous industry in the United States. Demolishing and building new structures, working with heavy equipment, and being exposed to toxic chemicals are common when working in the industry.

What To Do After a Construction Accident

The first and most important thing someone injured on the job must do is to seek medical attention. Never try to hide an injury from an employer, as it’s not safe and could cause someone at fault to use it as a defense by claiming the injury didn’t occur while the person was on the job.

How a Construction Accident Attorney Can Help

If someone has been injured on a construction site, it’s important to talk to a construction accident law firm. An attorney is knowledgeable about local, state, and federal laws surrounding construction site accidents.

People Who May Be Held Liable in a Construction Site Injury Lawsuit

Several different people or companies may be held responsible for an individual’s worksite injury. Typically, the first place a victim might look is his or her employer. What many people don’t realize is that a lot of situations mean an employer can’t be sued for an injury, especially if the victim receives workers’ compensation.

Types of Lawsuits Stemming From Construction Site Accidents

In New York City, someone may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against a third party even if he or she receives workers’ compensation from an employer. There are several situations under which a personal injury lawsuit could fall.

Top New York Construction Accidents Lawyer

These are the Top New York Construction Accidents Lawyer from SuperLawyers:

How To Hire One

You might want to hire any of the names listed above, or you’d like to go through the process of searching by yourself, whatever the case may be.

What Are The Settlement For New York Construction Accidents Injuries?

With the air of a New York Construction Accident Lawyer, you or your loved ones who is a victim is entitled to any of the following:

Causes of Accidents on New York Construction Site

Fall: It could be fall from scaffolding, ladders, sidewalk bridges, etc.


To get the best, most experienced, and skilled New York Construction Accident Lawyer to represent you, you need to be decisive, observant and patient.