what kind of a lawyer works on record expungement

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How much does it cost to get an expungement lawyer?

The cost of hiring an attorney will also differ from where file the expungement. Usually you get to pay $400 to $1000 for an attorney fee for single criminal charge but note that the amount that you pay will differ on the number and nature of your case.

How to get your record expunged?

which are sometimes very hard to get,” explained Chatham DA Shalena Cook Jones. Since then, the office has received at least 2,000 requests to restrict residents' records. Chatham County residents can restrict up to two misdemeanor offenses on their records.

Who can see my criminal record after it is expunged?

  • Criminal justice agencies (court administrative jobs, positions with juvenile court or state prisons, police officer jobs)
  • Human service agencies (social work positions, probation officer positions, counselors)
  • Department of Education (working in a public school)

Who can view my record after it has been expunged?

Who Can See My Criminal Record after It Is Expunged? Who are these people and organizations? Only public officials or individuals working in criminal justice will be able to access your un-expunged criminal record, and only on occasions where this information is relevant or necessary. What does that mean specifically, though?


How much does it cost to have your record expunged if you use an attorney in NJ?

Filing Fees: The New Jersey Superior Courts currently charge $75 to file for an expungement. Lawyer's Fees: Every expungement case is different. Some cases may only take a few hours of work, while others might require multiple court appearances.

How much does expungement cost in Florida?

In Florida the cost for an expungement petition is $75. This doesn't mean that you just pay your money and you're done. You have to make sure you have filled out the proper forms and you have all the relevant documentation. This is where an experienced lawyer can help move the process along.

How do I expunge my record in Michigan?

Fill out an application and obtain a certified order of conviction from the court where you were convicted. You also need to get fingerprinted and purchase a $50 money order for Michigan State Police.

Who can see expunged records in Texas?

In Texas, the process of expunging a criminal record is often called "expunction." In addition, some criminal records may be sealed by court order, called an "order of nondisclosure." If your criminal record is expunged or sealed, it will no longer be visible to the general public, including potential employers.

Do I need a lawyer to expunge my record in Florida?

Although you can attempt to seal or expunge your record without an attorney, hiring an experienced lawyer to help you through the process may save you time, money, and frustration. We work hard to make sure the process is completed as quickly as possible.

How long does the expungement process take in Florida?

Because of the required process, it typically takes up to 9 months to have your record sealed or expunged. This is because the first step in the process that everyone must go through is obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

What is the new expungement law in Michigan?

Answer: The new law expands eligibility to petition for an expungement in several ways, and creates a new process that will automatically seal certain non-violent conviction records if a person has remained conviction-free for a period of time (seven years for misdemeanors, 10 years for felonies).

What crimes Cannot be expunged in Michigan?

What kinds of convictions are not eligible to be expunged?All offenses punishable by life imprisonment.Assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct.Child sexually abusive material or activity offenses.Felony domestic violence if the person has a previous misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence.More items...•

How long does it take to get an expungement in Michigan?

The Attorney General's role in the expungement is to determine whether an applicant is statutorily eligible to have the conviction(s) expunged from their record. The current wait time to receive a response from the Attorney General's office is approximately six months.

What crimes Cannot be expunged in Texas?

Crimes ineligible for record sealing in Texas public criminal records:Aggravated kidnapping.Any crime that requires you to register as a sex offender.Any family violence offense.Child endangerment or abandonment.Human trafficking.Murder.Stalking.

How does expungement work in Texas?

In Texas, filing an expunction petition is a process that legally removes an offense off an individual's criminal history file. An expunction will force state agencies and private companies to remove references to your arrest in their electronic files and to destroy any hard files related to your arrest.

How can I clear my criminal record?

You can apply to have your criminal record expunged when:a period of 10 years has passed after the date of the conviction for that offence.you have not been convicted and sentenced to a period of imprisonment without the option of a fine during those 10 years.the sentence was corporal punishment.More items...

What does it mean when a criminal record is expunged?

When a criminal record is expunged, it is treated as if the charges never exist, and they are no longer associated at all with that person's criminal history. It generally means that the charges have "disappeared" from the court system.

What is expungement in criminal justice?

What is Expungement? Expungement is a process by which a person's criminal records are treated as if they no longer exist. Each state has different options and limits regarding expungement, but all states permit some form of expungement or record sealing for juvenile offenses.

What are the most likely crimes to be expunged?

Usually, less serious felonies like non-violent crimes (such as possession of drugs) are more likely to be eligible for expungement.

How to get a conviction expunged?

While each state may differ when it comes to the qualifications and requirements for expungement, eligibility for expungement will typically involve the following: 1 Application for expungement in writing with the court where the conviction happened; 2 The original sentence must be completed served and finished; and/or 3 The applicant is not facing any new or additional criminal charges.

What is the burden of expunging a sentence?

The burden is generally on the person applying for expungement to show that their probation or other requirements have been completed.

What does it mean when a record is sealed?

On the other hand, record sealing means that the charges do still exist; however, the records cannot be accessed as the records are closed to the general public. This means that persons or parties such as employers cannot gain access to those records, even though they still technically exist in the system.

Can felonies be expunged?

Lastly, federal convictions for felonies generally cannot be expunged.

Understanding expungement lawyer

A New York expungement lawyer will guide you through the process of sealing a criminal record. Contact an expungement lawyer immediately if you think that you may have been arrested or convicted of a crime.

How to Reach Expunged Lawyer

One of the easiest ways how to reach expungement lawyer is by going online and searching the internet. This method will be very effective as it will provide you with a lot of results. You can even check out local directories that list how to reach expungement lawyer in your area.

What is expungement attorney?

Expungement attorneys are trained in expungement law and know that getting your record expunged is important and can have a lifelong affect on you. An expungement attorney will make sure the job is done right and, what may be your only chance, is not blown.

Why do you need an attorney?

A lawyer will make sure it gets done right the first time so you avoid months of delay or becoming ineligible. An attorney is the only one who can handle everything for you. An attorney is trained in the law and will make sure you are making the best possible decision.

Can an attorney go to court?

An attorney is the only one who can go to court for you. Attorneys have spent tens of thousand of dollars and 7 years of higher education to be able to practice law, they are not going to risk their ability to practice law by committing malpractice or stealing your money.

Do record clearing attorneys give money back?

Most attorneys who specialize in record clearing will give a money back guarantee for most services. Ask for a quote. Attorneys who specialize in record clearing should know the cost of the case. Make sure there are no hidden fees. Ask how many cases like yours have they handled and how many were successful.

Why is it important to have an attorney for expungement?

Attorneys are so essential to have for your expungement because you have a better chance of success. Expunging your criminal record can help restore certain rights and privileges you were previously denied. An attorney is necessary not only to help you navigate the legal process, but to get legal rights returned to you.

What to do if a judge is hesitant to expunge a record?

If a judge is hesitant to grant your expungement, a lawyer can effectively advocate for you and work to convince a judge that you deserve to have your record expunged. Additionally, certain burdens and responsibilities of the expungement process may fall on your shoulders. Depending on what state you are in, you may have to notify certain ...

What happens if you get your conviction expunged?

Once these convictions are expunged from your criminal record, you will no longer be bound by their consequences. If your criminal conviction prevented you from voting in certain elections or owning a firearm, you would no longer be prevented from exercising those rights. You will also no longer have to inform certain people about your criminal ...

What factors are considered when granting an expungement?

Judges often consider factors like the severity of the underlying conviction, your overall criminal history, your performance on probation, and your remorse for your crimes. If a judge is hesitant to grant your expungement, a lawyer can effectively advocate for you ...

What happens if you get an expungement?

If a person is granted an expungement, they may be permitted to exercise rights and privileges they were previously barred from. Without a criminal record holding you back, you could get that new job that helps you turn your life around.

Do expungements happen automatically?

Expungements do not happen automatically, and proper procedures must be followed before an expungement is granted. Once an attorney has located the appropriate expungements statutes, they can help you determine if you are even eligible. In many states, some but not all offenses may be eligible for expungement.

Is it easy to get an expungement?

Expungements can greatly benefit individuals convicted of crimes who are being held back because of their past. However, the expungement process is not always easy. As with any legal proceeding, expungements are probably a bit beyond the grasp of an ordinary person.

How to get your record expunged?

The process varies from state to state, but it usually starts with filing a formal petition or application with the court.

What does expungement mean in criminal justice?

A record expungement simply removes the public record of a crime; it can apply to an arrest or a conviction. It doesn’t eliminate the record entirely, but it does seal the record so that only certain authorized government agencies—like law enforcement officials and criminal courts—can access it. Landlords, employers, and other individuals performing basic background checks would not be able to view the record of the arrest or conviction. Furthermore, if asked on an application whether you’ve been convicted of a crime, you could legally answer “No” so long as there are no other convictions on your record.