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What are the Chambers Rankings? Law firms and individual lawyers are ranked in bands from 1 (highest)-6 (lowest) and being ranked in any band is a significant achievement. The qualities on which rankings are assessed include:

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How are law firms ranked in the Chambers Guide?

Chambers USA ranks the leading lawyers and law firms across the USA. Our legal rankings are based on in-depth market analysis and independent research, conducted by our experienced team of researchers. For more information on our methodology and insights into our submissions process, please visit our methodology page. Chambers and Partners rankings and research will …

Why choose the Chambers USA?

What are the Chambers Rankings? Bands 1-6 Law firms and individual lawyers are ranked in bands from 1 (highest)-6 (lowest) and being ranked in any band is a significant achievement. The qualities on which rankings are assessed include: Technical legal ability Professional conduct Client service Commercial astuteness Diligence Commitment

How many practice areas/sectors does Chambers USA cover?

Mar 08, 2022 · The Chambers Global Guide ranks the top lawyers and law firms in over 200 jurisdictions across the world. Our rankings are based on the in-depth research of our dedicated and experienced team of researchers. Please see our methodology page if you would like to find out more information on what our research and submissions process entails and ...

What is the Chambers Directory?

May 20, 2021 · Considered by many law firms and general counsel to be the preeminent legal directory, Chambers is an important source of comparative intelligence, and a valuable resource that legal professionals use to learn more about firms and individual lawyers.


What does chambers mean in law?

The group of private offices provided for the judge and his or her personal staff is referred to as the judge's chambers or judicial suite. Personal staff may include a judicial secretary, minute clerk or calendaring clerk, law clerk, court reporter, and bailiff, depending upon the type and size of the court.

What does it mean to be ranked in chambers?

Chambers is a legal ranking that uses many in-depth editorial and research teams to assess lawyers and law firms throughout the world, covering more than 185 jurisdictions. Many consider Chambers to be the leading directory in the legal profession and one of the toughest lists to get on.Jul 12, 2018

Do Chambers rankings matter?

Thousands of lawyers receive individual rankings in Chambers, even if their practice and firm do not win attention. Depending on the practice and industry focus, an individual ranking may be worth more than recognition of a practice. Most clients are hiring lawyers, not firms. It's part of your recruiting pitch.Sep 17, 2020

What is the highest award for lawyer?

Smith Award. This lifetime achievement award is the highest honor bestowed by the ABA Law Practice Division. The annual award recognizes achievement in law practice management. Who should apply: The recipient is chosen and presented the award at a reception during the ABA LP Annual Meeting.Oct 4, 2021

What do you mean by Chambers?

1 : room especially : bedroom. 2 : a natural or artificial enclosed space or cavity. 3a : a hall for the meetings of a deliberative, legislative, or judicial body the senate chamber. b : a room where a judge transacts business —usually used in plural. c : the reception room of a person of rank or authority.

What does a Tier 3 law firm mean?

A Tier 3 law firm outside of a major national market may be among the top law firms in its market. The best law firms in smaller markets tend to be Tier 3 law firms. A Tier 3 law firm is less likely to do significant work for major national companies than a larger law firm.

What is a Tier 1 barrister?

Many of our Barristers are ranked as Tier 1 which is the highest rating. This means that they have a strong technical ability, a capacity to handle all of our client's requirements and are able to deal with complex cases. In turn, this means our clients receive excellent, in-depth and innovative legal advice.

What does a head of chambers do?

The Head of Chambers, usually a Queen's Counsel (also referred to as "QC" or "Silk") or a "senior junior", may exercise a powerful influence on the members, and members often offer informal help and guidance to each other. They are not liable for each other's business (as partners are).

How do you get listed on Chambers?

How do I make a new submission?
  1. Sign in to your Chambers account.
  2. Select Upload Submissions from My account features.
  3. Under submissions, click and select your office, jurisdiction and practice area this submission is for.
  4. Select the type of submission form you would like to upload.
  5. Click UPLOAD.

What is the Alexander Award?

The Alexander Award was created to honor an individual or organization that has demonstrated exemplary leadership and success in educational pipeline work. The award is named after the life and legacy of two legal trailblazers – Raymond Pace Alexander and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander.

What are the rewards of being a lawyer?

Benefits for Lawyers
  • Medical and dental plans.
  • Short- and long-term disability plans.
  • Health care reimbursement account through pre-tax deductions.
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan.
  • Domestic partner benefits.
  • Life insurance.
  • Firm-paid business travel accident insurance.
  • Firm-paid accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Bands 1-6

Law firms and individual lawyers are ranked in bands from 1 (highest)-6 (lowest) and being ranked in any band is a significant achievement. The qualities on which rankings are assessed include:

Senior Statesperson, Star and Eminent Practitioners

In addition, there are further categories in which lawyers can be ranked as exceptional individuals:

Other Noted Practitioner

An 'Other Noted Practitioner' handles notable matters and / or has received some recommendation during the course of our research. However, they have not received a sufficiently high level of sustained recommendation to be included in the printed version of the Chambers guide.

Up-and-Coming, Star Associate, and Associate-to-Watch

Three additional bands list those who are at the forefront of their generation but who do not yet warrant inclusion in the tables:

Silks and Juniors

In the UK, Barristers are divided into 'Leading Silks' and 'Leading Juniors'. Leading juniors who have since taken silk appear banded under 'New Silks'.


A 'Spotlight' ranking is given to firms or individuals where the table does not have numerical rankings. All 'Spotlight' rankings are equal to each other on the same table, and the ranking serves to highlight a select group of firms or individuals. These rankings are most commonly used for 'Foreign Experts/Foreign Desks'.

Guide Coverage

Our in-depth research runs from March to October. As well as covering many areas of law across key jurisdictions worldwide, the Global Guide also includes rankings at a regional and global-wide level.

New sections: adapting to new realities

Chambers supports its employees as they continue to interact with a law firm and in-house counsel by way of regular outreach and training programmes, including the INSPIRE committee, which creates the foundation for our internal D&I network.

Chambers Global 2021 in Numbers: Gender Diversity

Percentage of female practitioners ranked across all practice areas, 20% Female presence.

Legal Topics for Chambers Global

An investigation into what GCs really want from law firms What are the most important factors and considerations for GCs when they are searching for the best law firms? The Chambers Global team share their findings after speaking with over 700 professionals across the globe.

What is Chambers Associate?

Chambers Associate gives law students an unparalleled view into the working lives of associates at the nation’s leading law firms.

The qualitative approach

When finding the right career for you, there is a lot more at stake than just perceived prestige. Chambers Associate reviews firms on a qualitative basis. We also draw on Chambers USA, our vast annual directory of US law firms based on client reviews.

About Chambers and Partners

Since 1990, Chambers and Partners has published the world's most trusted and comprehensive guides to the legal profession. Titles include Chambers USA, Chambers UK, Chambers Europe, Chambers Asia-Pacific, Chambers Latin America , Chambers High Net Worth, Chambers Professional Advisers and Chambers Global.

How do Chambers USA rankings work?

The Chambers USA research team speaks to a wide range of lawyers and their clients, the latter of which are generally major commercial users of legal services. Greater weighting is given to the views of the clients, and any biased viewpoints tend to cancel each other out.