show where lawyer switches bodies

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The series was created by Josh Berman and produced by Sony Pictures Television. It stars Brooke Elliott as Jane, a plus-sized lawyer whose body is inhabited by the soul of a fashion model.
Drop Dead Diva
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes78 (list of episodes)
18 more rows


The Beauty Inside The love story of a man who has a rare hereditary disorder that causes him to wake up in a different body everyday. 10. The Miracle Fraternal twins, one a beautiful idol and the other a internet idol who hide herself because of her weight, switch bodies.


A father and daughter switch bodies, which helps them better understand each other. 6. Kill Me, Heal Me One of the biggest twist to the list of body possession and switches. The male lead is afflicted with multiple personalities which has help to protect him from childhood trauma.

What are some movies about people who switch bodies?

24. Body Switch (1995) Error: please try again. An elite sports doctor with 2 months to live offers to help a basketball team, so as to find a healthy boy to switch bodies with. A teenager wakes up to find himself in the old doctor's dying body. 25. Freaky (2020)

Why did a father and daughter switch bodies?

Kdrama classic story of a rich cold-hearted chaebol who switch bodies with a poor but fierce stunt double. 2. Proud of Love A Chinese body switch drama with a heavy dose of supernatural elements. A cold-hearted rich student switch bodies with a fellow student at his university. This one has a second season which is just as good as the first.

What is error 24 body switch?

What are some of the best body switch dramas?


Did Drop Dead Diva get Cancelled?

Produced by Sony Pictures Television, Drop Dead Diva was canceled after efforts to cut costs in its fifth season stalled. The series was reincarnated three months later when the studio and Lifetime came to terms on a new, cost-effective financial model for the soapy drama to continue.

Where can I watch Drop Dead Diva 2022?

You are able to stream Drop Dead Diva by renting or purchasing on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu.

Where can I watch Drop Dead Diva?

Drop Dead Diva, a comedy drama series starring Brooke Elliott, Margaret Cho, and Ben Feldman is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video, VUDU, Redbox., Vudu Movie & TV Store or Apple TV on your Roku device.

Is Drop Dead Diva worth watching?

Critic Reviews for Drop Dead Diva: Season 1 Despite its heavy-handedness in pushing a feel good vibe... DDD's ultimate message is worthwhile. On the strength of the pilot, it's definitely worth watching.

Is Drop Dead Diva available on Netflix?

Back when Lifetime was at the height of its scripted content game, Drop Dead Diva was one of its biggest shows. It started airing back in 2009 and ran for six seasons concluding in 2014. The series has been on Netflix since 2011.

How can I watch Drop Dead Diva online for free?

Currently you are able to watch "Drop Dead Diva" streaming on Freevee Amazon Channel for free with ads or buy it as download on Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes.

Does Amazon Prime have Drop Dead Diva?

Watch Drop Dead Diva Season 1 | Prime Video.

Is Drop Dead Diva on YouTube TV?

Drop Dead Diva | YouTube TV (Free Trial)

How many Drop Dead Diva episodes are there?

78Drop Dead Diva / Number of episodes

Is Drop Dead Diva based on a book?

Drop Dead Diva (Sleuthing Sisters Mystery, book 2) by Sandy Gaskin, Christine Lynxwiler and Jan Reynolds.

What should I watch after Drop Dead Diva?

Looking for more shows like Drop Dead Diva?...What To Watch If You Love 'Drop Dead Diva'6 0. The Good Wife. ... 9 1. The Good Fight. ... 4 0. Insatiable. ... 6 1. 13 Going on 30. ... 3 0. Notorious. ... 9 3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. ... 7 3. Goliath. ... 4 1. Daytime Divas.More items...•

Why was Fred dropped from Drop Dead Diva?

Ben Feldman (Fred) was only supposed to appear as a guest star in the pilot. When the show was sold to Lifetime it was decided that his character was necessary and he was brought back. He decided to leave the show to pursue other opportunities, even though he was asked to return.

Where can I watch Drop Dead Gorgeous?

Right now you can watch Drop Dead Gorgeous on HBO Max.

Is Drop Dead Diva on Amazon? Drop Dead Diva: The Complete Series (Season 1-6) : Movies & TV.

How can I watch Season 5 of Drop Dead Diva?

Watch Drop Dead Diva Season 5 | Prime Video.

Where can I watch Drop Dead Diva season 6?

Watch Drop Dead Diva Season 6 | Prime Video.

How do Urara and Ryu change bodies?

Urara Shiraishi is a model student with excellent grades. Ryu Yamada is a trouble student. One day, Urara tumbles down the stairs with Ryu. After the accident, their bodies become switched. When they tumbled down the stairs, they happened to kiss. They guess that they may have changed bodies because of the kiss. They kiss again and they get their own bodies back. Through kissing they can change bodies freely. They also learn that there are 7 witches with special abilities and that the 7 witches can use their special abilities by kissing, so Urara and Ryu set out to find the 7 witches.

What is the police procedural?

The police procedural tackles crimes and clues in the cyber world, weaving a massive, twist-filled mystery of murders, identity switches, corruption and conspiracy.

What happened to Shin Ji Hyun?

Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho, but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper, but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung, a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days.

What happened to Danny Reed?

Dreamer Danny Reed's life is turned upside down when he is struck by lightning and wakes to find himself trapped in a woman's body. Instead of being a scruffy DIY store worker with no prospects, he has now swapped lives with glamorous female fashion journalist Veronica Burton.

What is the relationship between a pretty model and an egotistic top male model?

An egotistic top male model and a pretty model wannabe are forced to live each other's lives until they figure out a way to undo their body switch.

Who is the lawless lawyer?

Lawless Lawyer - The ML, raised by gangsters, becomes a lawyer who cleverly exploits legal loopholes inside the courtroom and bends the law outside the courtroom. He teams up with the FL, a lawyer who cares deeply about justice, to seek revenge against a cabal of corrupt officials, prosecutors, and judges. This drama was extremely exciting and action-packed with lots of fun fight scenes, zany energy, and interesting villains! - u/craftsycandymonster

What is the drama about law school?

Law School is a drama that focuses on finding the murderer of a professor in a law school. This drama is unique since the premise is at a law school and focuses on the life of law students and their professors. - u/dramafan1

What is the diary of a prosecutor?

Diary of a Prosecutor - For work related drama set in a prosecutor's office, this is the one for you. Follows the day to day life of a group of prosecutor's in a backwater location. A great drama to watch when you're done with all those plot twists and backstabbing and unrealistic scenarios. - u/BarefootWanderer

Who is Yoon Seo in Touch Your Heart?

Touch Your Heart - Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) is a really famous Hallyu actress. But there is a problem she is facing these days, everybody thinks she used drugs. Now she is on hiatus. But suddenly she finds a new drama script which it's about lawyers. She thinks this is her last chance and applies. But there is one condition; she needs to work as a lawyer's asistan for one month to be ready for the drama. So she starts her job as lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook)'s secretary. Kwon Jung Rok is a really famous and successful lawyer and he doesn't watch drama or else and he doesn't want Yoon Seo at all. Can Yoon Seo learn something from Jung Rok?

Who plays Kwon Jung Rok's secretary?

So she starts her job as lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) 's secretary. Kwon Jung Rok is a really famous and successful lawyer and he doesn't watch drama or else and he doesn't want Yoon Seo at all.

Is Lawless Lawyer a good drama?

Lawless Lawyer is my favorite law drama. Each character is so well written. It’s actioned packed and I was kept on the edge of my seat the whole time. This was the drama that introduced me to Lee Joon Gi and he rarely disappoints. - u/queso29

Is Yoon Kye-sang a scene stealer?

Yoon Kye-sang, the ML is also a scene stealer. In fact acting-skill-wise this is one of the best dramas undoubtedly. It's an adaptation of the US Good Wife, yet the distinctive korean elements are there, making it unique in its own way.

How does Smoker attack Law?

Smoker rushes towards Law and attacks but he evades. Law retaliates but due to the nature of Smoker’s ability, he cuts through the smoke. Smoker warns his crew to stay out of the reach of Law’s sword but it is too late as they are sliced apart. Smoker instructs them to stay out of the circle created by Law and explains his power, comparing the sphere to an operating room. He further elaborates by stating that Law has absolute control over the items contained inside and can manipulate it according to his will, giving him his name, the Surgeon of Death. Tashigi rushes towards Law despite Smoker’s warning about her Haki being not strong enough. True to his words, Tashigi’s sword breaks and she is cut into two.

What happened to the boat of the straw hats?

In the manga, the centaurs sank the boat of the Straw Hats with their cannons. In the anime, Brownbeard personally sank the boat, after being depressed at learning that they do not know who he is. The anime shows that when Law switched the bodies of Sanji, Franky, Chopper, and Nami, their voices switched as well.

What happened to the straw hats in the movie?

The Straw Hats are trapped and the centaurs fires. However, the guns exploded and they fall. The interference is revealed to be caused by Brook, who froze the gun barrels belonging to the centaurs. Brook attacks the centaurs and Brownbeard comments that he didn’t know that there is another crew member. He says that it doesn’t matter, since four of them have already become food for the sharks and asks Brook to take a look for himself. However, Brownbeard saw that the sharks are defeated. Instead, the four Straw Hats are on top of an iceberg, shivering from the cold. Robin says that they are lucky to run into the centaurs and they each pick their targets, wanting to steal their warm clothes. Brownbeard recalls that Luffy is actually Ace ’s brother, and has a 400 million bounty, scaring the rest of the centaurs and they run. Robin and Luffy use their power to catch their target and Zoro fights a group of them. Brook comments that they are in better shape than he thought.

What happened to Luffy and Zoro in Punk Hazard?

At the last second, Brook saves them and defeats Brownbeard's shooters. Once Luffy and the gang got out of the freezing water after killing the sharks, they opted to take the centaur's warm coats.