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How realistic are the medical cases in Scrubs?

Scrubs is known for its colorful cast of characters, but Sam Lloyd's Ted Buckland is one of the best, standing above other side characters. Sam Lloyd, the beloved actor who portrayed sad …

Who are the blank on Scrubs?

Dr. Kelso : And I need you to crunch the numbers on next year's budget. Ted : Sir, that would be a job for the accounting department. I'm an attorney. Dr. Kelso : Uh-huh, and speaking of …

What is the name of the band on Scrubs?

Sep 08, 2021 · Sam Lloyd died in 2020. Nathan Cox/Getty Images. Sam Lloyd played the often sad but always endearing Ted on "Scrubs" for 95 episodes, according to IMDb. As the hospital's …

What happened to the cast of'Scrubs'?

Feb 03, 2009 · My Lawyer's in Love: Directed by Mark Stegemann. With Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn. Dr. Cox has trouble delegating authority in his new position, and Ted …


Who sings "My Lawyer's in Love"?

Ted and Gooch singing. ("My Lawyer's in Love")

Who used Ted as his personal punching bag?

Robert Kelso used Ted as his personal punching bag when he was Chief of Medicine. He often had Ted do demeaning tasks simply for his pleasure. Ted often talked about murdering either himself or Dr. Kelso due to this mistreatment. When Perry Cox convinces the hospital that Dr. Kelso has died, Ted celebrated but was scared when he returned. When Dr. Kelso did retire, he seriously thanked Ted for all of his hard work and left Ted speechless. Ted was shown to be a keen and excited lawyer with a full head of hair when he started working for Kelso, but likely Kelso's poor treatment of him and the stress of his job left him a totally different man. ("My Dumb Luck")

Is Ted a good lawyer?

Ted is an attorney, but not a very good one. He is, in fact, a rather horrible one. He took the bar exam in Alaska, where there are only ten laws. ("My Lawyer's in Love") He is easily intimidated by other, better lawyers, rendering him useless during legal battles.


Neena is a malpractice lawyer who is known to occasionally turn up at the hospital and cause problems where there are none. She has a very harsh, impersonal and even ball-busting approach to her job, making her one of the least liked people to enter the hospital.

Personality Profile

Neena can sometimes be a cold-hearted ball buster, but she only does it because of her job as a lawyer. She is audacious, such as when she kissed J.D. to thank him for saving her father, to get to Dr. Cox, or both. In terms of sex and romance, she is poor at showing it healthily, as she is very domineering and sadistic, threatening J.D.

Who played Nurse Roberts in Scrubs?

One such nurse was Nurse Roberts, played by Aloma Wright. Nurse Roberts was a stalwart of Sacred Heart, always trying to inspire the doctors to do better. As per IMDb, Wright played Nurse Roberts through 2007 — Season 6 — when the character died in a car accident. The actress was also in episodes of later seasons as another nurse, Nurse Shirley, and made a brief appearance as Nurse Roberts in the show's Season 8 finale dream sequence.

Why did Kastl leave scrubs?

According to his Chicago Tribune interview, Kastl left the entertainment business to focus on his family. "Law was always the end goal," he explained. "When 'Scrubs' was winding down, we had reached a point where we wanted to have kids and it seemed like the right time for the exit strategy."

What did Reyes do after leaving scrubs?

After leaving "Scrubs," Reyes stretched her acting legs and tried on other characters. "Achieving success playing the sassy nurse on 'Scrubs' was the most amazing thing in terms of generating the career that I have," the actress revealed to Shondaland. "It makes money for people. It makes money for me. But I still want to be able to play something else." The actress worked hard to break away from the "sassy" stereotype with roles in works like "Devious Maids," "Claws," "Jane the Virgin," and "One Day at a Time," as per IMDb .

Who played Elliot Reid in scrubs?

Sarah Chalke starred in "Scrubs" as Dr. Elliot Reid from 2001 to 2010, as per IMDb. Though the sitcom was primarily centered around Turk and J.D. (Donald Faison and Zach Braff), Chalke's character was very memorable and a main draw for many fans. Since wrapping "Scrubs," the actress has stayed busy working in both film and TV, most notably appearing in the other hit sitcoms like " How I Met Your Mother " and "Rosanne." She also voices Beth in "Rick and Morty" and Gina in "Paradise PD."

Who played Christopher Turk on scrubs?

According to IMDb, Donald Faison played Dr. Christopher Turk on "Scrubs" for 182 episodes. While the sitcom wasn't his first big role — he previously played Murray in " Clueless " — his time on "Scrubs" definitely cemented him in the public eye. Since leaving the series, Faison's been in TV shows and movies like "Ray Donovan," "Emergence," and "The Exes," and has done voice acting for the likes of "Robot Chicken" and "Star Wars Resistance." As per Deadline, the actor is also set to play Professor Utonium in a live-action version of the cartoon series "The Powerpuff Girls."

How many episodes of scrubs were there?

The popular sitcom "Scrubs" ran from 2001 to 2010. Each of the 182 episodes was full of laughter, heart, and, of course, lots of people wearing scrubs. The show told the story of young doctors as they grew up in both their profession and their lives. Zach Braff and Donald Faison starred as two doctors — J.D. and Turk, respectively — and a laundry list of funny actors like Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, and Neil Flynn appeared as well.


Dr. Cox has trouble delegating authority in his new position, and Ted falls in love with a singer at the hospital.

Did you know

Dr. Cox treats a patient with Down Syndrome and John C. McGinley is still wearing his Down Syndrome awareness bracelet for his own son.

Who are the blanks on scrubs?

Perry. The Blanks are an American a cappella group. They were recurring guests on the TV series Scrubs under various names such as Ted's Band and The Worthless Peons. They have released two albums: Riding the Wave and Worth The Weight.

What is the name of the band on Scrubs?

The Blanks are an American a cappella group. They were recurring guests on the TV series Scrubs under various names such as Ted's Band and The Worthless Peons. They have released two albums: Riding the Wave and Worth The Weight.

What episode does the hospital sing to Carla?

Episode 6.06, " My Musical ": they appear with what appears to be most of the hospital, to sing to Carla.

What episode does the band sing "My Lawyer's In Love"?

Episode 8.08, " My Lawyer's In Love ": they sing Blue Öyster Cult 's " (Don't Fear) The Reaper " in preparation of impressing Dr. Cox to let the group sing at the Pediatric ward, and later sing Kansas' " Carry On Wayward Son " in a jam with character Stephanie Gooch, played by Kate Micucci.

What is the flaw in Scrubs?

One thing that anyone can see as a flaw of other medical shows that plays into Scrubs' favor is the realistic nature of a doctor's day-to-day life, the daily workings of a hospital, the training they go through, and their progression up the medical ladder.

What is the big part of scrubs?

A big part of Scrubs is J.D. and the other characters growing up in a hospital and dealing with a whole plethora of issues. Self-doubt when it comes to the individual and their career, and self-reflection on everything they go through.

What are the issues with medical dramas?

Perhaps the most significant issues with medical dramas that have come and gone are the actual medical cases themselves. Always some grand case that three people get a year worldwide with some miracle cure that comes at the last minute. Scrubs does not have this.

What is the name of the manatee in the cafeteria?

Bowling patients, bedpan races, wheelies on wheelchairs, doctors getting strapped to the ceiling of the cafeteria by other doctors, and an underground canal system with a manatee called Julian who did not exchange pleasantries, they are all small moments of hilarity that would not realistically happen.

What are the characters in scrubs?

There are physicians, surgeons, nurses, dermatologists, radiologists, OBGYN's, plastic surgeons, pediatricians, receptionists, even a gift-shop girl, as well as all the stereotypes that go along with them. A lot of shows just have the same doctor do all these things in one day.

Do doctors spend a lot of time at bedsides?

It is noted multiple times throughout Scrubs that the doctors do not spend much time at bedsides of patients, do a lot of paperwork, do not get a lot of spare time, and have a lot of debt.

Is Scrubs a good episode?

In the first episode, Scrubs is almost perfect in terms of accuracy, but one scene standout like a sore thumb, legal orientation. The actual induction happening is entirely accurate.

Why do hospitals wear scrubs?

Why are Scrubs Worn in Hospitals. Scrubs offer multiple benefits and due to their ease of functionality, medical professionals wear medical scrubs daily. Medical scrubs help medical professionals identify contaminants like vomit, blood, stool, germs and fungus, contaminants, and urine.

Why are hospital uniforms called scrubs?

Hospital uniforms were originally known as ‘ surgical greens’ as green was the most potent colour, but later on, received the name ‘scrub’ because the uniforms were worn in a ‘scrubbed’ environment.

Why are scrubs so popular?

Did you know that the evolution of popular clothing ‘scrubs’ began because of hygienic reasons in the early 1900s? Scrubs gained momentum as they are easier to clean and are more hygienic and the standard white colour emphasises cleanliness.

What was the first medical scrub?

These first medical scrubs were gowns or drapes that covered the surgeon and medical staff while operating from shoulders to toe. Dr William Halstead’s development of the gowns was meant to be used only during surgery, however, due to more sanitary reasons, medical uniforms began to evolve.

What is scrubs used for?

Scrubs act as a personal protective suit and help the wearer from harmful UV radiations and chemicals.

What was surgical attire made of?

By the 1970s, the surgical attire or surgical greens had largely reached its modern state, evolving from aprons to short-sleeve V-necked shirts and drawstring pants composed of a cotton or polyester blend fabric.

Why do we need medical scrubs?

Another reason being that medical scrubs offer easy accessibility to carry around tools and equipment.