radio program why are you calling a lawyer

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What is law talk radio talk?

Jun 24, 2018 · If you have a problem with television or radio programming content, you should contact the FCC and notify them of your concerns. For all other legal matters, you should speak to an experienced business lawyer. A lawyer with experience handling television and radio broadcasting issues will know how to deal with your dispute or legal question.

Who is the host of the law Talk podcast?

For smart tracking of your lawyer advertising make sure that each of your radio spots includes a unique way to contact you (a unique Web page or 1-800 number are the two easiest). This way, you can tell immediately whether or not your radio commercial is …

What kind of radio show is Handel on the law?

A. I realized that people didn’t know when to call a lawyer after I spoke with a client who had heard my Court Radio program and liked it, but hesitated to call me. When I asked him why he waited two months to call me, he said that at first he believed that the insurance company was going to take care of him, but he later realized that the ...

Can you call a radio station without being near the radio?

Mar 10, 2022 · It is a live radio program broadcast on the Talk Station WTKF 107.1 FM. Please tune in on Tuesday mornings and call 252-222-4848 and ask your legal questions. If you have missed a previous radio show you may listen to previous weekly shows on the website and you may also call our office for past recordings. March 31, 2022.


A Radio Commercial Is Direct Response

The beautiful thing about a radio commercial is that it's easily repeated, easily branded, and easily tracked. For smart tracking of your lawyer advertising make sure that each of your radio spots includes a unique way to contact you (a unique Web page or 1-800 number are the two easiest).

Successful Lawyer Advertising with a Radio Commercial

Your radio commercial should have the same purpose as most of your other first contact lawyer advertising: getting your information in the clients' hands. Your radio commercial needs to clearly explain who and what you are and how your listeners can learn more.

Radio Commercial Context

You can't just stick your radio commercial on any station and expect clients to come knocking at your door. That kind of lawyer advertising doesn't work in any type of media. You wouldn't put your personal injury law firm's website in a directory for general contractors, would you?

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Is a lawyer's consultation confidential?

All consultations with an attorney are confidential. Embarrassment and reluctance are understandable, but should be easily overcome by the right professional who treats clients the way he wants to be treated. Lawyers are similar to doctors in that they diagnose the problem and help find the cure. Just as there is not always a medical cure, maybe the same is true for your legal problem. But you would never avoid speaking to a doctor if your physical health was in question. Well, your financial health is also important and, on many occasions, can directly effect your physical health. I have had numerous clients be on the bring of nervous breakdowns before coming to me for help and ending up with peace of mind that allowed them to live happy and productive lives.

Do attorneys charge for initial consultations?

While I agree that advice on a regular basis can be a service warranting fees, it shouldn't cost you something just to find out your options. That is why I don't charge for an initial consultation so there is literally no reason not to seek my advice or any attorney who has the same practice.

Golnar Sargeant

We can not tell you why an attorney would call you. We would have no way of knowing. You can go on the KS state bar website and look this person up to see if he's really an attorney. You can then google him or look him up on AVVO to see what kind of law he practices...

Shaye Larkin

It's impossible to speculate but you should tell your family never to give out personal information over the telephone. It could be this wasn't even an attorney, but even if it was, no one should be asking for that information. Report this to the Attorney General for your state. Keep track of these calls and if they persist, hire an attorney...