if i singed a retainer for a lawyer can i cancel how much time do i have to cancell

by Dr. Geoffrey Schulist MD 3 min read

David Seth Zuckerman

Typically, a client can fire an attorney at any time. However, keep in mind a couple of things:#N#1. If you paid legal fees out of pocket, you may not receive a reimbursement of those fees. You will need to read your fee agreement with the original firm...

James Philip Cronn

Yes. I have never seen a retainer agreement that says you cannot cancel it. If it says such a thing, you might want to call the State Bar.#N#More

Jared A. Jacobson

I suppose it depends on the terms of the agreement but generally speaking, I have never seen an engagement letter that prohibits a client from switching lawyers at anytime during the course of the representation.

How long does it take to cancel a contract?

No. The general rule is that you can not cancel a contract within 3 days of when you sign it or within any other certain amount of time. You may want to. But that does not mean you have the legal right to cancel it.

How long does it take to dispute a credit card charge?

You must notify the credit card company that you want to dispute the charge by sending a written notice to the address for billing disputes that appears on your billing statement within 60 days of the bill.

Fred T Isquith

most likely....there is a doctrine that people get paid for the benefit conferred.

Mark W. Oakley

Both Baltimore City and Baltimore County have mandatory fee dispute mediation programs when requested by a client, link here: http://www.msba.org/departments/administration/fee-disputes.aspx#N#The Maryland ethical rule that applies to the determination of a reasonable fee is...