how much was sheldon silver lawyer fees in his corruption case

by Nils Hammes 3 min read

According to court documents, Silver was paid $1.4 million in salary from the law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg based on his position in the assembly and not for work that he performed. He also received $3.9 million in attorney referral fees.

What was sheldon Silver charged with?

He was convicted in November 2015 on seven charges of honest services fraud, extortion and money laundering. But Silver would not go down without a fight, and the conviction was thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court.

What was the Sheldon verdict?

BEAVER — A Beaver County jury on Wednesday found Sheldon Jeter guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting of his friend last year. Jurors convicted the 23-year-old Aliquippa man after a roughly seven-hour deliberation spanning two days.

Who is Sheldon Silver?

Sheldon Silver guilty in multimillion dollar corruption case. The ex-speaker of the New York state Assembly Sheldon Silver was found guilty on Friday of selling his office for $4 million in kickbacks — affirming a 2015 conviction on the same charges that had been overturned on appeal.

How was Silver saved from prison?

Silver was saved from prison after a federal appeals court ruled that errors in the judge’s jury instructions warranted a new trial.

Who is Steven Witkoff?

Steven Witkoff, founder of real estate firm the Witkoff Group, testified that he didn’t know of Silver’s “unseemly” arrangement with Goldberg until 2015 when Goldberg broke the news to him.

How much money did Silver give to Taub?

Silver gave Taub $500,000 in taxpayer money to support his research, as well as help finding jobs for Taub’s adult children.

How many counts did Silver have?

A jury of seven women and five men found Silver, 74, guilty of all seven counts against him, including two counts of honest services mail fraud and money laundering.

Did Silver show emotion when the jury read the verdict?

Silver showed no emotion as the jury read the verdict to the judge.


A jury found Silver committed mail fraud for soliciting — and accepting — kickbacks in the form of legal referral fees.


He received $3 million from personal injury law firm Weitz & Luxenberg for referring mesothelioma patients, and $700,000 from Goldberg & Iryami for referring two major developers.


Silver was found guilty of using his position to wrongly pocket nearly $4 million from these schemes.


Prosecutors charged Silver had laundered money he earned from the scheme — landing him another $1 million in "ill-gotten gains."