how much does an immigration lawyer charge for student visa atlanta ga

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In most cases, an immigration attorney will charge an hourly rate of $150 to $300 per hour, whereas others will charge a set fee for the entire process. For basic immigration form filing, you can expect to pay around $250 to $1,200 in fees.

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How much does an immigration lawyer cost?

Immigration Lawyer Cost Item Average Cost 30-min Consultation $75 – $150 Hourly Rate $150 – $300 Form Filing Assistance $250 – $800 Green Card Assistance $800 – $5,000 1 more rows ...

Can you afford the attorney fees for a green card or visa?

The reality is, many people that apply for visas and green cards, can’t actually afford the high attorney fees that come with them. Fortunately, there is a solution. Below we take a look at the approximate costs and fees involved for the different categories of green cards and visas and also what possible solutions there are.

How much does it cost to apply for a working visa?

Working Visas In USA Cost. When applying for an H-1B Working Visa in the USA, you will likely spend $1,195 to $1,495 on attorney fees, and between $460 and $2,460 on USCIS filing fees.

Is it better to hire a local immigration attorney?

This works for most people, unless you are dealing with issues that require frequent visits to immigration court (such as in removal/deportation cases). In those cases, it is best to work with a local attorney. You will find some geographic differences in pricing.


How much does a US immigration lawyer cost?

An immigration lawyer charges between $150 and $300 per hour, with a typical 30-min consultation fee of $75 to $150. Legal assistance when filing basic immigration forms costs $250 to $800, while green card assistance runs from $800 to $5,000, plus the USCIS fees of $460 to $700.

How much does it cost to hire an immigration consultant?

COST TO HIRE AN IMMIGRATION LAWYER ALL PRICES CANADIAN DOLLARSConsultation$250Express Entry Profile First stage$2,800Second stage after an ITA is received$3,000PNP through Express Entry$3,000VISITOR VISAS & BUSINESS VISITOR VISAS71 more rows

How much do immigration lawyers make in Atlanta?

How much does an Immigration Attorney make in Atlanta, GA? The average Immigration Attorney salary in Atlanta, GA is $80,632 as of May 27, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $68,736 and $93,270.

How much do immigration lawyers make in Georgia?

The middle 60% of Immigration Attorneys makes $115,820, with the top 80% making $187,200.

How do I choose an immigration consultant?

The top 5 tips to choose an Immigration ConsultancyGoogle Reviews. Nothing surpasses word of mouth when it comes to endorsing as marketers always tell. ... Social Media. View the social media platforms of the prospective agency – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ... Past record. ... Security. ... Background Check.

What services do immigration consultants provide?

An immigration consultant is a person who helps people to emigrate from one country to another country and through legal and documentation process to increase the chances of immigration for study, work, travel or business purpose.

Do immigration lawyers make a lot of money?

Salary Ranges for Immigration Lawyers The salaries of Immigration Lawyers in the US range from $55,870 to $187,200 , with a median salary of $115,820 . The middle 60% of Immigration Lawyers makes between $115,820 and $120,480, with the top 80% making $187,200.

How much do immigration lawyers make in Texas?

How much does an Immigration Attorney make in Texas? The average Immigration Attorney salary in Texas is $80,043 as of May 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $68,234 and $92,589.

How much do immigration lawyers make in California?

How much does an Immigration Attorney make in California? The average Immigration Attorney salary in California is $91,050 as of May 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $77,617 and $105,321.

Where do immigration lawyers get paid the most?

Highest Paying Cities For Immigration AttorneyCityAvg. SalaryHourly RateNew York, NY$121,065$58.20San Francisco, CA$118,912$57.17Fort Lee, NJ$113,077$54.36Austin, TX$93,487$44.952 more rows

How much do immigration lawyers make in Virginia?

How much does an Immigration Attorney make in Virginia? The average Immigration Attorney salary in Virginia is $81,024 as of May 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $69,070 and $93,723.

How much do immigration lawyers make in Colorado?

The base salary for Immigration Attorney ranges from $70,080 to $95,091 with the average base salary of $82,205. The total cash compensation, which includes base, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $72,648 to $102,622 with the average total cash compensation of $86,503.

What factors affect the cost of an immigration lawyer?

Generally, however, the following factors will affect the price you are charged: The application you will be making – immigration lawyers charge different fees for different applications as each application has a different complexity or amount of work.

Do immigration lawyers charge different fees?

The application you will be making – immigration lawyers charge different fees for different applications as each application has a different complexity or amount of work. So, whether you’re applying for a green card or an L1 visa, for example, will make a difference to what you are charged.

Is it necessary to pay for an immigration lawyer?

So, it might seem unnecessary to pay a high price for an immigration lawyer when all these resources are free. The reality is, however, the immigration process is complex, and there is usually a lot at stake. You risk being separated from loved ones or possibly even being deported. If your case isn’t just a simple, straightforward application, it could be in your best interest to get an immigration lawyer.

Is immigration law complicated?

Immigration cases are complex. There are layers of complicated rules, laws, and regulations you need to navigate to get a successful outcome . Some cases are simple and don’t need special assistance. In most cases, however, it is safest to have someone who is specialized, has a lot of knowledge, and knows what they are doing to assist you with your case. This is where an immigration lawyer comes in.

Does the adjustment of status fee include the adjustment of status application?

Keep in mind these fees don’t include the adjustment of status application, which follows afterward.

How much does an immigration lawyer charge?

Immigration lawyers typically charge between $100 and $250 for a detailed consultation and many credit this to legal fees should you choose to hire them. Many also offer introductory calls at no cost – these are not meant to be detailed consultations, but an opportunity to share some context, get to know the lawyer and decide if you want to work with them. You’ll find many lawyers that specialize in removal / deportation cases do not charge any consultation fees at all.

Why do you need an attorney?

Hiring an experienced attorney reduces the risk of paperwork errors, saving you time and money. If you do receive an RFE or denial for another reason, an attorney is also better equipped to respond to these situations.

Why is a lawyer in California more expensive than in North Carolina?

However, a lawyer in California may have more exposure to the immigration issue you are facing. It is important to balance cost and experience.

What happens if you are here illegally?

If you are here unlawfully, an attorney can help you figure out if there is a path to legal status. If you’ve had any brush ups with the law, even if you weren’t convicted, you might be at risk for deportation. These are just a few scenarios in which the advice of an immigration lawyer is crucial.

Is it optional to file for a government filing fee?

Government filing fees are not optional (unless you qualify for a fee waiver. Whether you work with an attorney or file your paperwork yourself, you will incur these costs and they can be quite steep. Thousands of people immigrate to the U.S. each year without the help of an immigration lawyer.

Is immigration time consuming?

Navigating U.S. immigration is incredibly time consuming and complex. If you need help with your immigration process, you can find pre-screened immigration lawyers with over a decade of experience on Ask Ellis. We look forward to helping you!

Is a notario a lawyer?

Note: If you come across a “notario” or immigration “consultant”, they are not lawyers and are not licensed to practice immigration law. Be very careful who you trust with your immigration needs. Navigating U.S. immigration is incredibly time consuming and complex.

Immigration Lawyer for International Students in Atlanta, Georgia

Bhavya Chaudhary & Associates is an immigration law firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer our extensive experience in U.S. immigration law for individuals in all 50 states as well as those from abroad.

Student Visa Lawyers Explain: What is an F1 Visa?

International students who attend an academic program or English Language Program at an US university or college are issued an F1 visa – also known as a student visa. The students are required to maintain a minimum course load to retain their full-time student status.

F1 Visa Rules & Requirements

There are several F1 visa rules you need to keep in mind before applying for an F-1 student visa. In order to have your application accepted, you must meet these requirements.

F1 Visa Application Process

The F1 visa application process can take anywhere between six to eight months, depending on USCIS processing times.

How to Renew F1 Visa

Generally speaking, if you want to renew your F1 visa, you will have to follow the same requirements when you first applied. Contact the US consulate or embassy in your home country and make arrangements for your F1 visa renewal.

F1 to EB5

Changing your visa from an F1 to EB5 is certainly possible. You are able to apply for the EB5 investor program while having the F-1 status, but you will need to maintain your F1 visa until your EB-5 petition is approved.

F1 to H1B

The process of going from an F1 to H1B visa is the same as the H1B application. You will need an H1B sponsor to file the H1B petition on your behalf.

Consulting with an Immigration Lawyer

No matter what your case entails, your first step should always be to contact an immigration lawyer for a consultation. The immigration process can be intricate, there are many complicated rules that must be followed.

Immigration Court Fees

Before you even begin to consider attorney fees, you must take a look at the fees you will need to pay to the immigration courts, and to the federal government. The fees differ depending on which part of Immigration law applies to your case, but the most common fees associated with the immigration courts are:

Immigration Attorney Fees

During your consultation, the attorney you speak with will talk to you about fees and their rates during your meeting.

Is an Immigration Attorney Worth it?

This depends on how seriously you take your case, and how much time and money you have to waste. Immigration attorneys work within the immigration court system and with immigration laws on a daily basis, they know the ins and outs of the system in a way that a person dealing with the system simply can not.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Case

Dealing with the immigration court system in the United States can make you feel like a mouse standing up to a lion. With long waits, steep fees, and no guarantee that your hard work will pay off, immigration court can be one of the most daunting experiences of your entire life. You need to work with the right immigration lawyer in NYC.

How long do you have to work for a L-1 visa?

To be eligible, you must have worked at the foreign office of the company for one year in the three years prior to your application.

What is a non-immigrant visa?

Non-immigrant work visas are visas that are obtained for the purpose to work, invest, trade and do business in the U.S. Non-immigrant visas only apply for a limited time period and do not lead to permanent residency or citizenship.

What is an H-4 visa?

H-4 visas are visas dependents of H-1B visa holders can apply for. This visa is used so that dependents (spouse and children under the age of 21 years) can stay with the H-1B visa holder in the U.S. Your application for an H-4 visa can be submitted with the H-1B visa application. H-4 visas allow the holders to work en get an education in the U.S.

How long does a N-400 card last?

The N-400 application can be used by lawful permanent residents in the U.S, that is older than 18, to apply for U.S citizenship. Your green card must have been valid for at least 5 years prior to your application to be eligible. If your green card is based on marriage, it only has to be valid for three years.

How to get a Perm certification?

In order to obtain a PERM Labour Certification, your employer will have to prove that they were not able to find a suitably qualified U.S employee for the position. You will also need to be employed on a full-time, permanent basis.

What is an EB-1 green card?

An EB-1 green card is an employment-based petition for permanent residency in the U.S. The EB-1C was specifically designed for the most skilled and proficient business managers and executives. EB-1 green cards do not require PERM labor certification

Can a foreign national get an O-1 visa?

Foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities in one of the below categories can obtain an O-1 non-immigrant visa. The purpose of the visa is for these individuals to engage in the activities in the U.S.

Understanding Student Visas

If you want to come to the United States and attend college, you must have a student visa. There are two different kinds of nonimmigrant student visas: F-1 visa and M-1 visa.

Working As An Immigrant Student

The employment aspect of these of nonimmigrant visas must pertain to each nonimmigrant’s area of study. Immigrants who have F-1 or M-1 visas also need to be authorized before beginning any off-campus employment by the Designated School Official as well as by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Learn More By Speaking With An Attorney

Lee & Peynado Immigration Law Group can help you obtain a student and employment visa, so you can receive the educational opportunities the United States has to offer. Our lawyers will help you understand which visa category is right for you, as well as help you with the entire nonimmigrant process.