how do you say i am a lawyer in spanish

by Pattie Legros 10 min read

What's the Spanish word for lawyer?

Jul 15, 2010 · My dream was always to be a lawyer. If I'm talking to Spanish women in the near future, I need them to know my success. So, in that case, how do you say " I am a successful lawyer" in Spanish?

Can I become a lawyer with a Spanish degree?

More Spanish words for lawyer. el abogado noun. attorney, counsel, advocate, solicitor, counsellor. jurista noun. jurist. el letrado noun.

Why is it important to know Spanish legal terms?

Due Process of Law Debido y adecuado proceso legal, debido procedimiento legal Duly Sworn Debidamente juramentado(a) E Earned Income Remuneración, ganancias

Should your law firm learn Spanish to attract clients?

Spanish translation of 'lawyer' [ˈlɔːjəʳ ] noun abogado (abogada) m/f a divorce lawyer un abogado matrimonialista LAWYERS En el Reino Unido existen dos tipos diferentes de abogados: solicitors y barristers (estos últimos reciben el nombre de advocates en Escocia).