how do i find a specific lawyer in arizona?

by Mrs. Makayla Ondricka MD 7 min read

• After you have studied your case and the laws that surround it, you must first conduct Internet searches to find all Arizona lawyers in your area. Conduct GOOGLE searches and visit Arizona’s BAR association website to observe a list of all Arizona lawyers in your geographic location.

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How to find an excellent lawyer?

Jan 24, 2022 · If the legal services program in your area cannot assist you, you may be able to find a lawyer through lawyer referral services in Maricopa County (602) 257-4434 or Pima County (520) 623-4625. The State Bar also maintains a listing of all Arizona attorneys on their website. Visit the Legal Aid Resource page for application links and more information.

How do you become a lawyer in Arizona?

Apr 03, 2015 · Conduct GOOGLE searches and visit Arizona’s BAR association website to observe a list of all Arizona lawyers in your geographic location. • In addition to these steps, you should also call your local lawyer referral service.

How do you contact a lawyer?

Apr 03, 2015 · Arizona, like all states, has its own specific laws and criminal procedures, so it is important that you find a lawyer who has been practicing in Arizona for a significant amount of time. Your lawyer will be able to advise you about your charges, what you should expect for plea deals, and whether you have good chances at beating certain charges.

How to find a free lawyer?

Find a Lawyer in Arizona. Find a Lawyer. Choose a city below to view the list of lawyers practicing in that area. Search by Cities. Search by Legal Issues.


Is a lawyer in Arizona expensive?

Because Arizona lawyers are typically expensive, you must comprehend the individual’s fee schedule. Be sure to ask for a copy of the Arizona lawyer’s retainer agreement and review it with the individual before making a hiring decision. In most cases, an Arizona lawyer will charge for their representation in one (or more) of the following ways:

Do lawyers in Arizona practice law?

Lawyers in Arizona have a keen understanding for the state’s diverse legal framework. All lawyers in Arizona are licensed to practice law, and in turn, represent clients in the state. Lawyers in Arizona may practice any type of law; however, their practice and their knowledge are geared towards the specific laws of the state. Lawyers in Arizona will vary in regards to fees; this variance is dependent on the type of law the Arizona lawyer practices.

What information does the Arizona Bar provide?

All of the lawyer referrals provided by the Arizona Bar include basic information and contact information about the attorneys. Such information includes: Their education details, such as which law school they graduated from; The date in which they were admitted to the Bar; and.

What is a lawyer referral service?

Lawyer referral services exist to help those who are seeking an attorney, but may not know where to start. These services maintain a database of qualified attorneys looking to take on new clients, and provide those attorneys as recommendations to potential clients utilizing the service. Many services have the client provide some basic information ...

What is hourly attorney fee?

An hourly fee arrangement is the most commonly utilized attorney fee arrangement. Generally, the client pays an upfront retainer for the attorney’s services, and the attorney bills against that retainer. Alternatively, an attorney may choose to bill for their hours as they accumulate.

Do attorneys bill for hours?

Alternatively, an attorney may choose to bill for their hours as they accumulate. Hourly fees may differ for attorneys based on their experience in the field, the law firm they are associated with, or their reputation in the community.

Is fee splitting legal in Arizona?

Generally speaking, such fees are prohibited by the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct due to the fact that come with multiple ethical concerns. However, there are some fee-splitting structures that may be conducted ethically and are therefore allowed under Arizona’s rules.

Can you divide a fee amongst attorneys in Arizona?

To simplify, the state of Arizona only allows for dividing a fee amongst lawyers who are not involved in the same firm. Depending on each specific legal issue, as well as the field of law involved, an attorney may choose to offer you a contingent fee arrangement, a flat fee arrangement, or an hourly fee arrangement.