how do i find a lawyer for a potential lawsuit against uber

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Be sure to chat with your lawyer in your consultation about applicable fees and legal expenses you’ll incur should you choose to sue Uber. If you have a complaint to file against Uber, call Morgan & Morgan. Our legal team is experienced in handling this type of claim, whether you’re a rider or a driver.

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Why are there so many lawsuits against Uber?

Another lawsuit against Uber was brought by European-based drivers who alleged that the company was withholding important information on the use of their personal data and how they were profiled. This secret performance-related data allowed the company to exercise “control” over the drivers, the drivers alleged.

What to do if you’re assaulted during an Uber ride?

Soajima, who had previous convictions for assault and armed robbery, stabbed Gorme in the abdomen after a 2017 Uber ride. Anyone who has been assaulted physically during an Uber ride is urged to contact an Uber assault lawyer to see if they are eligible for compensation.

How much will Uber pay for misclassification lawsuits?

Those figures are for Uber in the United States alone. Uber and Lyft operate around the world, and many non-American companies, like Ola (India/Australia) and Didi (China), have also had issues with drivers assaulting passengers. March 1, 2022 - Uber could pay $8.4 million, under proposed agreement for misclassification lawsuit.

Are Uber® and Lyft® drivers negligent or criminal?

A number of rideshare passengers have filed injury claims arising from the negligent or criminal conduct of Uber® and Lyft® drivers. Ridesharing has grown from something of a niche form of transportation to a mainstream option almost everywhere.


How do I sue for Uber without paying?

Taking Uber to Small Claims Court Step-by-StepSend Uber your demand letter. You can't just up and sue Uber without any notice. ... Fill out your court forms. ... File your complaint with your court. ... “Serve” your forms to Uber. ... Show up for your hearing.

How do I contact Uber legal department?

Law enforcement should contact the LERT through the Law Enforcement Portal (“Portal”) at The Portal provides the central point of contact for law enforcement to communicate with LERT specialists when submitting preservation requests, legal process, or emergency disclosure requests.

How do I file arbitration with Uber?

How to File a Claim Against UberUber Dispute Resolution Process. ... Filing a Claim in Small Claims Court. ... Initiate a Complaint against Uber with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. ... Contact the Better Business Bureau. ... Going through the Binding Arbitration Process.

Are there any lawsuits against Uber?

That lawsuit sought to expose Uber's: Failure to properly pay drivers tips auto-collected from passengers under their rider agreement; and. Failure to provide drivers with federal and state benefits, protections and minimum wages by illegally classifying drivers as independent contractors.

How do I file a complaint with Uber?

Sign into your Uber account on a desktop computer and go to "Report an Issue with the App" from the Help Center. In this form, fill in your device type, operating system version, and a description of the issue. To access the form on your phone app, tap your avatar in the top left hand corner to find the Help Center.

How do I reach Uber corporate office?

What is the Uber Headquarters Address?Address: 1455 Market St, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94103.Phone Number: 866-576-1039.CEO email: Contact: Tomasz Krawczyk ( Contact: Troy Stevenson(

Is it better to opt out of arbitration?

Signing or Opting Out of an Arbitration Agreement The arbitration process is less costly and generally faster than going through the courts. Unlike in a court case, where the contested issue is heard before a judge, in an arbitration you often have a say over who will be the arbitrator.

Who is the Uber CEO?

Dara Khosrowshahi (Aug 30, 2017–)Uber Technologies Inc / CEODara Khosrowshahi is an Iranian-American businessman and the chief executive officer of Uber. Khosrowshahi was previously CEO of Expedia Group, a company that owns several travel fare aggregators. Wikipedia

How do I sue my LYFT for discrimination?

Your Guide to Sue Lyft in Small Claims CourtSend Lyft a demand letter. Before you can sue Lyft, you have to ask them politely to fix the problem. ... Fill out court forms. In order to sue Lyft in small claims court, you're going to need to fill out some paper work. ... “File” the complaint with the court.

Is the Uber settlement real?

Uber will pay $8.44 million as part of a 2022 class action lawsuit settlement to resolve claims it misclassified drivers as independent contractors instead of employees. The settlement benefits Californians who used the Uber app as a driver between Feb. 28, 2019, and Dec.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Uber eats?

The major restaurant delivery brands Grubhub, Uber Eats, and its subsidiary Postmates will have to face a proposed class action lawsuit alleging that the companies' practices have driven up the price of restaurant food after a federal judge refused to dismiss the case this past Wednesday.

Is Tik Tok in a class action lawsuit?

TikTok users in the United States may be eligible to claim part of a $92 million settlement resolving a class action lawsuit over TikTok data privacy. The nationwide Class is made up of anyone living in the United States who used the TikTok app before Oct. 1, 2021.

What happens if you get injured in an Uber crash?

If you're injured in a crash as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle (whether the accident was the fault of the rideshare driver or someone else), having the right attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of any personal injury claim you decide to file.

Do lawyers take cases?

Even if you think you have a good case, be prepared for a lawyer to turn down the opportunity to represent you. Many lawyers do not take cases if they fall below a certain potential recovery amount, or if a key element of the case is less than clear.

Do rideshare lawyers get paid?

If you don't receive anything from the other side, your lawyer doesn't get paid.

We Are On Your Side

The Dolan Law Firm brought the nation’s first wrongful death lawsuit against Uber for one its drivers striking and killing a pedestrian. Our founder and chief trial lawyer Chris Dolan played a critical role in convincing the Legislature to require Uber to provide $1 million in insurance coverage for its drivers.

Why Do I Need An Uber Attorney?

Some try to work out a deal with the insurance company for Uber. This is unwise if you have been seriously injured.

Why Contact The Dolan Law Firm?

The Dolan Law Firm is the most experienced and successful law firm in California for Uber lawsuits. We provide superior legal representation backed by substantial financial and technological resources that no individual attorney or small law firm can provide. We are known for taking challenging, complicated cases to trial and winning.

How to contact Uber legal?

Call our law offices at (888) 649-7166 for a free legal consultation. You can ask us questions about your case, Uber’s policies, and what you should do moving forward, and we will tell you what we feel your lawsuit is worth and how we would win it.

What can an Uber lawyer do?

Your lawyer can help you assemble photos, contact information, receipts, and more. It is very important that you establish that you were a driver and that you were working for Uber at the time of the accident. This can be achieved by having screenshots and pay statements available for consideration.

Why is Uber deactivating drivers?

This can be due to the lack of evidence a driver has to show that he was innocent or because someone filed a complaint or claim against Uber and targeted or named the driver.

How many trips does Uber take?

Uber takes the average of the last 500 trips (or total trips if less than 500); if your rating is below the minimum required, you will be prevented from driving anyone else around. Uber will alert you and let you know that your rating is approaching this low number.

What did the terms of the settlement mean for Uber?

The terms of the settlement also stated that their policies would change; drivers would be more aware of what could constitute deactivation. Previously, drivers could simply attempt to log on only to find that they were barred, and reaching out to Uber would lead nowhere.

Is Uber a contractor?

Uber Drivers as Independent Contractors. Uber drivers are considered independent contractors; that is, they are not technically employed by the company and do not adhere to the same rules and regulations that others do. They are not given certain benefits and are not privy to overtime wages.

Can Uber employees leave?

Employees can also leave for any reason. Uber’s policy changes can clear up a lot of the confusion and potential wrongful deactivation instances. Although drivers are still independent contractors, they can now be given ample reason for deactivation or termination.

Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Sexual assaults often go unreported. For example, a study by the DOJ in 2016 estimated that around four out of every five rapes and sexual assaults are not reported to the police.

Uber Sexual Harassment

Critics of Uber have long held that its hiring policy, lack of driver training and allegedly poor oversight of its drivers’ conduct was always going to be a recipe for disaster.

Rideshare Sexual Assault Types

Sexual assault is a broad term to describe a multitude of possible acts that are considered criminal. Some of the types of rideshare sexual assaults are listed below:

Uber Physical Assault Lawsuits

Not all assaults on rideshare journeys are sexual. Physical violence is all too common, and it’s something that endangers both drivers and passengers. One 2020 survey from Uber drivers showed that 53% believed the company must do more to ensure driver safety.

Uber History

Founded in 2009, Uber revolutionized the idea of urban transport. The concept was that drivers would be independent contractors, using Uber’s ride-hailing app to pick up and drop off passengers like a taxi service.

Uber Driver Background Checks

Uber performs background checks on its drivers before hiring them. This includes a criminal background check and scrutiny of the drivers’ licensing status. It states clearly that any “serious criminal convictions [including sexual assault] will result in disqualification”.

Uber Safety Report

In 2019, Uber released a long-awaited safety report covering the company’s activity from 2017-2018. It uncovered 1000s of reports of sexual assault, mostly committed against passengers but also drivers in a small number of cases.

History of Uber

Uber was founded by two tech entrepreneurs, Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. Uber’s first three cars hit the roads in New York City in 2010, and the pair officially launched the company in San Francisco in May of that year.

Classifying Drivers as Independent Contractors

When a passenger pays for an Uber ride, the driver takes 80% of the fare while the company keeps the remaining 20%. Under this system, Uber has been able to treat its drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. The company maintains that its drivers are contractors because of the flexibility in their on-demand working conditions.

Manipulating Fares

In August 2016, Uber introduced a change to its payment system called “upfront pricing.” This was a change from its previous method of calculating fares, which was based on factors like miles traveled and time on the road.

False Advertising in Violation of the Lanham Act

This issue formed the basis for yet another Uber lawsuit in California. In 2015, some taxi companies filed federal lawsuits against Uber, alleging the company had falsely advertised the safety of its service.

Taking Driver Tips

In 2014, Uber faced a class-action lawsuit over how it handled driver tips from customers. Riders would pay a 20% tip through the app on the understanding that the driver would receive the money; however, it emerged that Uber was pocketing around 40% of the funds it received in this way.

Sexual Assault

CNN released a damning report in 2018 highlighting a trend of sexual violence perpetrated by Uber drivers against their passengers. At the time, there were outstanding allegations of this nature against over 100 drivers in the United States, and 31 of these individuals had received criminal convictions.

International Lawsuits

The United States is not the only country in which Uber has faced legal battles. Many of the issues outlined here have also arisen in other jurisdictions.

What is the lawsuit against Lyft?

In September 2019, the plaintiff filed suit against Lyft under more than ten legal theories— including common carrier negligence, vicarious liability, and negligent hiring, retention, and supervision —alleging that her Lyft driver kidnapped her at gunpoint, leading to her sexual assault.

What happened to the wife of Uber driver?

In 2015, a husband and wife sustained severe injuries after their Uber driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic, resulting in an accident. The husband broke his leg and the wife suffered from a significant brain injury that resulted in multiple surgeries.

Why are women sueing Lyft?

Dozens of women have filed lawsuits against Lyft over sexual assault and other instances of misconduct committed by individuals driving for the rideshare company's app-based service. The plaintiffs claim that Lyft doesn't do enough to screen its drivers, and fails to properly protect female passengers. The first of these lawsuits "claim the company knows it has a 'sexual predator crisis' but has declined to implement 'obvious and straightforward safety procedures'," according to the San Jose Mercury News, which reports that "lawyers for the plaintiffs plan to add hundreds more alleged victims" to this " mass tort " action.

What happened to Uber in 2015?

2015: Federal Lawsuit Against Uber. Two Jane Does brought a case against Uber in 2015, claiming Uber drivers sexually assaulted them. Jane Doe #1 alleged that her driver tried to sexually assault her while he was driving and that after he stopped the vehicle, he continued the assault.

What happens if you get hurt by a rideshare driver?

This means if someone gets hurt as a result of a rideshare driver's negligent or intentional act, the company might escape liability. There are other advantages a business can gain from hiring independent contractors, especially when it comes to an employer's tax obligation.

How old was the girl that was killed by Uber?

In 2013, an Uber driver struck and killed a six-year-old girl as she walked through a crosswalk with her family. At the time of the accident, the driver was allegedly logged into the Uber app, although did not have a passenger.

Can you sue a rideshare company for personal injury?

Rideshare Lawsuits Involving Personal Injuries From an Accident. With the current state of car insurance rules for rideshare accidents, there likely won't be as many personal injury lawsuits against rideshare companies, since injured individuals can probably get compensation through the insurance claim process.

Getting into an accident as a rideshare passenger can sometimes result in injuries. Learn more about what it takes to receive compensation for your injuries

Getting into an accident as a rideshare passenger can sometimes result in injuries. Learn more about what it takes to receive compensation for your injuries.

What Should I Do After an Uber or Lyft Accident?

1. Get necessary medical treatment. Your health comes first, so at the first sign of any pain or discomfort after the accident, make sure you get proper medical attention as soon as possible.

Are Uber or Lyft Liable for Passenger Injuries?

This is a legal gray area, and it's evolving pretty quickly. Due to the legal relationship between Lyft/Uber and their drivers, these companies usually do not have legal liability for injuries resulting from a rideshare accident, regardless of who was at fault (financial responsibility is a separate issue).

How Much Is My Rideshare Passenger Injury Claim Worth?

The value of any personal injury claim is derived from the extent of the injured person's injuries and other losses (" damages "). Your damages as an injured rideshare passenger typically include several different components:

Will I Need to File a Rideshare Passenger Injury Lawsuit?

Probably not, but it will largely depend on the car insurance company's approach to your claim. If you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit following a rideshare accident, it will probably be because the insurance company (Uber/Lyft's, or the rideshare driver's) isn't making a fair injury settlement offer.