how do i dress like a lawyer

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Here are our five tips to help you learn how to dress like a lawyer and look great wherever you practice.

  • 1. Dress for the job title and practice area. The law is a profession where credibility and competence are of critical importance. Dressing ...
  • 2. Find the right balance between practicality and glamour.
  • 3. Wear what makes you feel confident (but make sure it fits)
  • 4. Invest in a wardrobe, but don’t break the bank.
  • 5. Pick a style and commit.

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What to wear as a lawyer, attorney or solicitor?

  • Tight fitting clothing
  • Shorts or jeans
  • Casual, non-collared shirts
  • Sweatshirts, sweat suits, or gym clothes
  • T-shirts
  • Cargo pants
  • Golf shirts emblazoned with logos and images
  • Crazy colors or leopard print
  • Novelty items (i.e. ties, clips, etc.)

How to dress like a lawyer?

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What is the dress code for a lawyer?

Dress Codes

  • Court has never directly addressed school dress codes. ...
  • Dress codes urged to curtail gang violence. ...
  • Protecting expressive rights. ...
  • Pros and cons of school dress codes. ...
  • Employers can enact dress codes with a rational basis. ...
  • Discriminatory dress codes would be struck down. ...

What do lawyers wear women?

To add a bit of splash to their wardrobes, many women noted that they cherry-pick trend pieces from Zara to pair alongside more classic pieces. Bags and blazers received special callouts from savvy shoppers. When you're building a work wardrobe, make sure to have a great blazer. A pleated skirt is easy to wear with boots and flats alike.


What to wear if you want to be a lawyer?

A tailored suit is a great option for women lawyers, although for women, a black suit is more acceptable in a legal setting than it is for men. A blazer or suit jacket is typically a must in most law firms, whether you wear pants or a skirt.

How do you dress like a lawyer for Career Day?

If you are beginning your career as a lawyer, or you need to present a professional appearance for any reason, it's important that you dress appropriately. For men, a well-cut suit will generally do the job. Women can opt for a suit, or combine a blazer with a skirt or dress.

How do you dress like a law student?

For women, a suit or blazer paired with a nice pair of trousers or skirt are easy go-to outfits. While black pieces are always appropriate, they can sometimes be a bit generic. Stand apart by integrating a bit of color into your suit. A blue or grey suit with a button-down shirt is a great choice for men.

Can lawyers wear nail polish?

No bright nail colors. Some lawyers I spoke with expressed tolerance for red nail polish (definitely not purple, blue, or anything edgier), but the fear here is chipping—with brighter colors, any flaws are much more noticeable. Also, keep nails short. “No talons,” says Nina. “It just means you can't type.”

How do lawyers look stylish?

Here are some great tips to help you learn how to dress like a lawyer and use fashion to support your practice and your personal brand:Dress for the job title and practice area. ... Wear what makes you feel confident (but make sure it fits) ... Invest in a wardrobe, but don't break the bank. ... Pick a style and commit.

What Females should wear to court?

It is preferable for females to wear a dress or suit or a skirt (preferably no more than two inches above the knee) and a blouse, sweater, or casual dress shirt. Pants are not preferred. Colors are important! Wear neutral, pastel colors.

How do law schools dress?

Your best bet would be to dress in business-casual attire. For example, a blouse or button-down, and slacks. Opt for clothing that's not too flashy or distracting. You do not want to look sloppy or disheveled.

Can I wear leggings to law school?

Casual wear for women consists of yoga pants or leggings (as long as they are not too tight), t-shirts, sweaters, sweatpants, or jeans. You can wear anything you are comfortable in that is not too tight, too revealing, or too dirty or baggy.

How many suits do you need for law school?

two suitsInvest in at least two suits. Every law student should start their law school career with at least two tailored suits in their arsenal. It's fairly easy to hit a sales event at the local suit rack store, or somewhere like Banana Republic or H&M.

How many suits should a lawyer have?

Your average lawyer will have around two to three suits in their wardrobe, and corporate executives have around five. One of the concerns that comes with having a limited number of suits is that other people may start to notice when you repeatedly wear them, so having more in the wardrobe will absolutely help.

Can a woman wear jeans to court?

2) Women should wear a dress, or a blouse and skirt or long pants. (Jeans are acceptable). 3) All laypersons should wear shoes in the courtroom. (Thongs are not acceptable).

Can lawyers wear short sleeves?

Long or full short sleeves are best. It is not appropriate to wear tank tops, no matter how formal, unless it is being worn under a jacket that will not be taken off. Fit is very important. Too-tight items are highly unprofessional and likely to damage credibility.

For Men

It is very important that male lawyers wear clothing that comes across as commanding. This means that open-toed shoes, shorts, and t-shirts are a big no-no. However, a formal suit and dress shoes can look extremely professional and respectful.

For Women

When it comes to female lawyers, there are plenty more options available when it comes to clothing. It is recommended that you wear a formal dress, suit or skirt and top and pair this with a nice pair of heels or dress shoes.


As a lawyer, appearance is very important. It is vital that you come across as professional and respectable, as your look could influence your (and your company’s) reputation.

How To Look Like A Respectable Lawyer

This guide is about what to wear at the office, when you meet clients and what to wear in court. If you want to learn how to dress for a job interview as a lawyer, please check out this guide. Of course, if you work in environmental law, or if you have a lot of musicians or artists as your clients, your dress code will be more relaxed.

The Suit – Dark Solids Are Your Friend

A suit is the hallmark of a lawyer’s wardrobe. An ideal suit would be a single-breasted one, with a notched lapel. Ideally, you have some cuffs at the bottom or you can go without a cuff, maybe you want pleats, maybe you just want an iron crease.

Neckwear – Classic Ties Are Best

As an attorney, you want to wear neckwear. Traditionally, it’s a necktie. I would stay clear of bow ties because they’re a little too flashy. Of course, you should choose the right tie. So forget all the nineties and the hand-me-downs from your uncles because they look very dated and not professional.

Over The Calf Socks Are A Must Have

No attorneys outfit is complete without proper over the calf socks. A lot of lawyers out there wear short socks that expose their calf. Not only is it unprofessional, but nobody wants to see your exposed leg hair. The golden rule is to pair the color of the socks with a pair of your pants and your suit.

Accessories – Keep It Simple

With accessories, the same rule applies as with all other things in a lawyer’s outfit. Keep it simple. If you wear a French cuff or double cuff shirt, go with simple cufflinks in gold or silver. Stay clear of precious stones, maybe semi precious stones, in multiple colors as well as enamel. It’s simply over the top.

Dress Shoes – Start With A Black Captoe Oxford

When it comes to shoes I think most lawyers underestimate their impact. You can have a $5,000 bespoke suit but if you wear it with cheap shoes, it ruins the entire look. Apart from oxfords and derbies, you may also want to invest in a monk strap shoe or maybe a double monk strap shoe.


Bear in mind, this guide provides general guidelines; ideally, you want to talk to your secretary and ask her what’s appropriate or simply look around you at the office. What are the other people wearing and especially what is your supervisor wearing? That will give you a good indicator of what’s expected of you.

Working in Law – What Not to Wear?

Typically, successful lawyers are well-dressed individuals. People need to trust them, so they need to inspire confidence and show that they can do their job correctly. First appearances aren’t always accurate, but someone looking like a mechanic and working in the law isn’t smart and presentable.

Dress Code for Lawyers

Instead of the awful clothing ideas above, browse professional shirts, suits, blazers, and skirts. Make sure that the suits and jackets are tailored to fit you. Buy yourself a good outfit: don’t settle for a baggy suit. If you need to see a professional tailor to achieve the right fight, do so.

Dress Code for Lawyers

Different settings call for different attire, although there are also classics you can rely on in any situation to dress like a lawyer, especially for court appearances.


You should always keep your law firm’s specific dress code in mind before you choose your wardrobe. If in doubt, err on the side of more formal, professional wear. One of the most important things in any dress code is having a clean-cut, freshly pressed appearance. Remember to coordinate your ensemble, and tailor your style to each event.


Courts require attorneys to dress modestly to facilitate the administration of justice and maintain decorum in judicial hearings, but this requirement is ambiguous. As a result, courts have the authority to enforce a wide range of clothing standards.

Sometimes getting clients is as easy as looking the part. You should always be dressed like a lawyer

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