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what is a civil lawyer

Feb 02, 2022 · What Is A Civil Attorney? The Civil Attorney’s profession includes litigation and transactional practice. The term litigator refers to civil attorneys. For instance, they often work on civil lawsuits filed in civil courts and they are also involved in the arbitration process and the mediation process.

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what is a retainer for a lawyer

A retainer is a fee paid to a person (usually a lawyer) before any services have been performed. Most lawyers require a retainer agreement, which is also known as a “work for hire” contract. This document typically includes the type of work the attorney is doing for the client, all associated fees, and the general rights of both parties entering into the agreement.

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how much does a lawyer make a year

How Much Does a Lawyer Make? Lawyers made a median salary of $126,930 in 2020. The best-paid 25 percent made $189,520 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $84,450.

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who was oj simpson's lawyer

Apr 04, 2020 · AFP/Getty Images/AFP/Getty Images Actor and football star O. J. Simpson had four lawyers representing him at his trial for murder: Johnnie Cochran, Robert Kardashian, Robert Shapiro and F. Lee Bailey. Collectively, they were known as the “Dream Team.” Kardashian died of esophageal cancer in 2003. His ex-wife is reality TV star Kris Jenner.

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how to make a will without a lawyer

May 01, 2011 · A. You don't have to have a lawyer to create a basic will — you can prepare one yourself. It must meet your state's legal requirements and should be notarized. Look for how-to guides in libraries, bookstores and online.

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how to file for divorce in texas without a lawyer

Jan 04, 2022 · If you do not meet these residency requirements, you cannot file for divorce in Texas until you do. Step 2: File Your Original Petition for Divorce. You begin the process of divorce by filing an Original Petition for Divorce at the courthouse. The Petition asks for your name, your spouse’s name, confirmation that you meet the Texas residency requirements, the …

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